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        Yes the graphics are pretty good when maxed out but they don't look good enough to justify the horrible performance on high-end hardware and the 5GB VRAM usage when better-looking games use only half of that amount of VRAM.

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          Every year they relase new Call of Duty and every year we buy Call of Duty and we love to play it. We pay them our money and we dont get so simple basic PC features like FoV slider and FPS cap up to 200 FPS. These PC features are so simple and I dont get it why they just cant put them in this is so sad. I dont know what to say anymore. They need to patch it.

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            Agreed completely! However I'm using a 650 TI Boost. Not the most high end card but it's mid range, and I can't even get past 20 fps with everything on LOW! And thats even with my system OC'd, CPU, Ram, and GPU... As for the mouse jittering, it's effecting me and I'm on W7 64bit ultimate edition. I'm thoroughly displeased right now

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              wierd worlds are these

              Fully agree.


              The game is unplayable as it stands and needs to be fixed asap!


              The system ram usage is a joke, I checked on mine and the game was only using 2.5Gb of ram out of the 16Gb available but it took my whole system usage up to 6.5Gb whilst playing so god only, knows what else they have loaded that is using the extra ram up.


              The 40Gb install size is a pure insult given the low rate graphics and piss poor textures or are they going to say that it's that big because of the Dog and the female character models.


              The stutter is just pure annoying, and I cannot understand why I am getting it considering my pc runs Battlefield 4 at 120fps and above at 1080p Ultra, it runs Metro Last Light at 99fps at 1080p maxed out apart from AA, but this game runs at less than 70fps and stutters like crazy and it's only using each of my GTX680's cores to around 50% and the Vram usage is around the 1.6Gb mark.


              The servers are a mess as well and suffer the exact same problems as Black Op's 2 with there crap hit detection and lag comp bullshit.


              If it was not for the fact that Valve refuse to give refunds on items that are linked to your account, then I would have had this POS refunded already.


              Now I will leave it a while and see if they manage to fix the crashes etc, and see if they actually release the increased texture files for the game that they were banding on about saying this was going to be the best looking Call Of Duty game ever made, because to be honest it looks about the same if not worse than MW2.

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                Totaly unplayable!!!Vote from me.

                PC Specs:

                i5 3470;

                GTX660 2GB;

                ssd 256gb;

                8gb RAM.

                Black Ops 2 played maxed out without shadows on 200 FPS.

                If they dont fix that this game is money wasted.

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                  Man you are so right! Thx for the post!

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                    guys u all fighting for no reason. in consoles its gonna sell millions of copies in pc 20-30k they dont see us as customers but numbers i have the same problems i download a program for 90fov lets hope i  dont get banned

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                      synu.iz bought the game for the 6-GB game does not start. Thank you very much for the nice developers vecher.rebenok crying and went to sleep.

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                        And the other joke is the game only run on cards with DirectX 11. The game looks like ****, but won't running on DX10 cards??

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