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    Really!!! Does anyone (at all) test?!

      There are so many BASIC problems let alone major problems -- starting with Menu Stuttering/Freezes, Unplayable Lag, Game Freezing, Aim Stuttering, Rendering Jitter, Washed-out Colors, Player Steam links missing, Ping Rates missing, Breaking Parties, and the list goes on!!!!


      Why release a game that is going to rage most of the players. I am so disappointed and angry that I find it difficult to find anything that I liked about multiplayer. Derp we thought BO2 was bad, jeez this game makes BO2 look mighty appealing.


      Start by firing (getting rid) of everyone on your Quality Control department for PC; the dude on the street wearing a garbage bag and sleeping in a box knows more.


      Just so there's no questions about my PC here's specs and I live in Florida, USA - CPU-Z Validator 4.0




      As a footnote on Steam Pre-Purchase/"Pre-Loaded": this is the last pre-order game I'm ever purchasing off of Steam. The game was not fully pre-loaded and after waiting an EXTRA 3 HOURS from the folks that purchased the physical DVD's, added to my surprise both the UNPACKING and WORST the added 24GB+ of secondary D/L (1+ Hour) content before I could frigging play! Bottom-line, those that purchased the DVD were playing a FULL  about 4 hours before any of us who purchased from Steam!

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          Re: Really!!! Does anyone (at all) test?!

          Hmm... Seems forums are just as buggy as the game!!!


          Anyways, I couldn't agree more about the QC depart comment, and I'm also having the same issues as well... I've seen a lot of bad launches but this is by far the worse I've ever experienced.



          My setup: CPU-Z Validator 4.0




          Also @Momba1 from Florida as well LOL



          Production Administrator




          hmmm see if that gets anything with the @ command

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            Re: Really!!! Does anyone (at all) test?!

            I agree! Crossfire is not optimized also! I had to play with one card disabled! Can you believe that? Never had this problem with any other COD release. The game stutters a lot also and plays like crap!


            And yes this forum is buggy too...thought it was just me.

            What a trip I'm in Miami!

            My system: CPU-Z Validator 4.0

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              Re: Really!!! Does anyone (at all) test?!

              This is the worst game I have come across with. I am a freaking Cod fan, have been playing for years.

              and today I wait 9 hours to get this **** downloaded and then; single player crashes every 2nd minute. cant join a multiplayer game, Coz I need to select a squad member and I dont have squad points to create one.

              This is a joke. Can we ask for money back if its not working ??

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                Re: Really!!! Does anyone (at all) test?!

                Momba you are spot on. Could not agree more. Really, we as PC gamers invest a lot into our gaming rigs - A LOT more than a console - most of us could buy 10 next gen consoles with what we have invested. All we ask for is games that make us feel like we are getting a good return on our investment.


                Momba says that your QA guys should be canned, I agree. But your marketing guys are friggin genius. They reeled my ass right in with all the "developed with PC gamers in mind" crap.


                Hopefully I am wrong and you guys at COD headquarters have a point release patch to give us a game that as good as the screenshots on the Geforce website. Speaking of which, that fine company (Nvidia) has a whole page/blog the whole nine yards devoted to COD: Ghosts PC and all the goodness they have provided to make it look truly "next gen" (we PC gamers all know consoles are not next gen - our PC is the real next gen).


                I am suffering the same ills as the op and really hope you guys can satisfy your PC customers.


                My setup: CPU-Z Validator 4.0


                Edit: Why have the slider to raise refresh rate to 120 HZ (most PC gamers default to this now BTW) but the game is locked at 90 FPS ??? Really??!!

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                  Re: Really!!! Does anyone (at all) test?!

                  I agree with everything this person has said. And on top of it the fact that i had to go and download a workaround to even be able to play the game just made my experience 10x worse than those who just had to wait 3 hours to play.

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                    Re: Really!!! Does anyone (at all) test?!

                    Totally agree with you. This is absolute nonsense. On launch day you have this many problems?

                    Unforgivable Infinity Ward.

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