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    ICU: A Casual Clan for PS3 & PS4

      PS3 and PS4 Only

      ICU has been around since Modern Warfare 2. We love Call of Duty, and we love playing together. We have no skill requirements. We play to have fun. We play to win.

      Join us if:
      - You don't want random teammates anymore
      - You want a clan that's part of Call of Duty Elite
      - You want to win

      ICU uses a simple strategy. In most Call of Duty games, we all use UAV/Spy Plane as a point streak. Since Ghosts is more complex, we all use SATCOM (score streak) and/or the Recon (perk). By doing this, everyone in the party can more easily find the enemy. Believe it or not, this strategy helps us win.

      If you are interested in joining, post below and go to our website to sign up: