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    I Profusely Apologize 3arc!

      OMG please accept my sincerest apologizes. I complained too much and compared to IW you guys are a godsend.

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          Re: I Profusely Apologize 3arc!


          People complained about BO2, at least the servers worked when it came out...

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            Re: I Profusely Apologize 3arc!

            I agree, it's clear now 3arc is the better pc developer. IW is a second tier developer and nothing but a shadow of the company it was when West and Zampella ran it. Pcdev would never in a million years put a retarded hardware lock in place or ignore the pleas for a FOV slider. Maybe it's a good idea to split up the franchise, let IW take care of crap consoles and have 3arc handle the pc developement.

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                Re: I Profusely Apologize 3arc!

                I also must agree with the other guys. The PC version of Ghosts is a insolence to every PC gamer. I think they don't even care what people write in the ghosts subforum. And I doubt it that their mind will chance.

                In my eyes the PC version is just a pain in the a** for them. They need to look about diffrent configurations, make sure it runs somehow and dont crash right from the start, check if new hardware will be compatible, take care cheaters dont take over, and so on... Something they dont need to look at on consoles. Maybe they dont earn that much from the PC version in comparison, but that is unacceptable.

                I sincerely hope, that your next game will get a even better treatment then BO2, just to show them how it's have to be done!

                Rock on treyarch!

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