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    Please Bring back 3rd person Team Tactical playlist? Support and Discuss

      3rd Person Team Tactical to return.

      Join in on the disscusion to get the ball rolling

      Third person shooter fans have long been searching for a military TPS focused multiplayer game, no title to date has been able to introduce/replicate what MW2 Third person team tactical did, this would be a great business opportunity to capitalize on other franchises which have slacked off and failed tps fans hopes eg:  Socom4, Ghost Recon and Uncharted 3

      What  are we proposing?


      Just ONE single community playlist option that adds a 5v5 3rd person Team Tactical view that plays across a variety of three modes (TDM, SnR, Demoltion, with No Killstreaks.)


      Call of Duty's Missing 3rd Person Playlist (since MW3,BO1&2) provided some of the most unique third person gameplay not found any TPS Multiplayer shooters on the current and next generation market, 3rd person Team Tactical playlist was deep, fun, tactical and had a great pace thats not seen in traditional view. Call of Duty gameplay mechanics transition amazing well in 3rd person mode and its such a shame that the single playlist disappeared on any upcoming COD titles as it stood out with the best of them.


      Proposed Call of Duty Ghost 3rd person Team Tactical modes:

      it will included three simple modes in one playlist Search and Rescue , Team Deathmatch, Demolition all with Killstreaks disabled to create that extra twist of team communication to a new community playlist, if all is not possible a simple 3rd person Team Deathmatch playlist would suffice on its own and be highly comparable.


      With all of the unique and amazing Call of Duty Ghost Character customization its make alot of sense to add in third person to see your own personal character outfittings, no game on the current market matches COD Ghost Character customization and no third person shooter game comes close to what gameplay COD Ghost offers. MW2's 4v4 Team Tactical playlist provided some really entertaining gameplay across a variety of modes (SND, Demolition, CTF and TDM) all compacted in one playlist, and they all played spectacular well especially SND. I know it obviously wasn't as popular as all the the other regular FPV playlist but the TPV playlist offered something different, unique and catered to the TPS crowd. 4v4 The Team Tactical has been sorely missed since MW2, TP fans have such a short list of military third person shooters that play welland none provided what COD 5v5 team tactical playlist created


      Please Infinity Ward,Raven Studios and Activision lets get this mode back into a public community playlist!


      Yours Sincerely, your fans.


      Want 3rd Person Team Tactical to return...?

      post your thoughts and Follow the movement


      Note: Hear us out, We dont want to change or tread on the FPS roots or any playlist, what we are simply asking is for just for ONE un-intrusive community public playlist that doesnt interfere with any regular FPV modes as COD is primarily a FPS, but as it stands its literally impossible to play it in private match, so even if you are not a TPS fan please try understand and support the movement for just one playlist option we can all enjoy.