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    Game is Awesome - Who Else loves it?

      Typically people only come on a forum looking for Answers to questions like how do I get Squad points or for the most part to Rant and Rave about how it isn't what they wanted, or something is OP (Over Powered).


      Helpful posts are hard to find.


      I will have to give props to the Development Team for this release. I have been playing COD since Playstation 2. This is a great release, the controls are buttery smooth, the running, jumping, and mantling are amazing, the Guns are fun to shoot, I have yet to explore all of the features of Multi-player.


      Thanks for a great game, I look forward to many hours of gaming this year! Gaming, dollar for dollar is the cheapest, and best entertainment out there!


      To all of the disillusioned folks out there, remember that most people don't game as much as you, the small problems you are seeing will be unnoticed by 99% of the casual gamer, the big issues get fixed, game modes are added, and some are removed. COD Franchise is criticized a lot of not being innovative, and same old same old, however they have raised the bar for the last version of the older consoles, I can only imagine how awesome the next version is going to be!


      Go ahead and post negative comments, I have done it, but I just felt that Kudos and appreciation all around for the terrific team at IW , Ravensoft et. al.


      - A dedicated fan!

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