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    Guns & Characters

      I have no idea what the game is like so far, I once again can't find proper answers as there seems to be so much mixed feelings.


      I was checking some videos, but they weren't really giving me any idea what kind of equipment there are.


      So few questions:


      1. How are the weapons, would you compare pistols to MW3's pistols, those were pretty good IMO.


      2. What kind of perks are there?


      3. How much can you customize your soldier, can you make a character that doesn't look like a normal soldier, like, just t-shirt and jeans, can you add some details to the face, something like mustache, scars, mask?


      I'd just like to hear about this kind of stuff instead about the controllers all the time.


      Do we have dedicated servers, if so, does it help at all, I mean, Finn vs Italian in a lobby in previous games means... happy italian, vewy, vewy sad me

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          Re: Guns & Characters

          Pistols are weak. AS THEY SHOULD BE. Blops was UNREAL in this regard. Pistols in MW3 were overpowered as well, IMHO. Akimbo Scorpions should never beat an ACR (unsuppressed) at mid-range.


          There are way too many perks to count but very similar to past titles, different prioritization....fast reload, quick draw etc are all unlocked as you rank up...I'm sad you don't get Quickdraw until like level 52...


          There are like 3-4 heads for each soldier which as I've noticed is "race + level of dirtiness on face..." Lots of helmets to choose from, as well as uniforms, but they all have to be unlocked. It isn't just a customization party out of the box. It's a warfare game and you're representing a faction of military...why would you ever run around in a t-shirt and jeans? Theres always Gta V if you want that kind of experience.


          Plenty of lag and dropped games yesterday....I'm really disappointed in the Wii, not necessarily the game...For whatever reason the WiiU Wi-Fi connection is bad. I have NO problems, EVER, on PS3 with a wifi connection.

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              Re: Guns & Characters
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                Re: Guns & Characters

                I tried to write a a response... but this forum sucks


                Anyways, I don't find there to be a problem if this game allowed some plain stupid or just goofy custom options, it's a game after all, to your point of it being a warfare game, who cares, NG3:RE allows me to cut people into pieces while wearing sunglasses and a nice afro hair


                Pistols OP in MW3? I think you're talking only about Machine pistols, I meant the pistols like USP45 and P99 from that game, they sure were not OP.

                IMO, in BO pistols sucked ass, in BO2...they were too strong, I dominated in GW with silenced FiveSeven, that tells a lot.



                Quickdraw being unlocked at 52 makes me upset as well. Anyways, the custom options you mentioned sound good for me, thanks for the input

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                    Re: Guns & Characters

                    Don't quote me on the level 52, but it is weeeellll far into the future...


                    This game is tough...gonna be quite a grind to rank up....

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                        Re: Guns & Characters

                        As long as there won't be the typical BO2 assault strategy, run trough your enemy while spraying like crazy. I tested BO2 today after long break, I don't like the fact that by the time I get the kill, I've managed to shoot 10 extra bullets on my target and received several hitmarkers, if I didn't get kills like this while strafing into a cover, I was shot down in less than two seconds.


                        That was the worst thing about BO2, you just couldn't escape for cover without being killed by a bullet that hit you when you already were behind a block that the bullets can't go trough.

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                    Re: Guns & Characters
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