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    call of duty elite email verification link broken

      Ok i started up call of duty ghost, went to multiplayer it asks me if i wanted to join cod elite i accept fill out the application i register etc it makes me an elite acc. now i sign intp my email to verify the acc as usual but i open the email up click on the verification link and nothing happens i resend the email verification still i open the new email link and click on it i get nowar... so i noticed at cod.com wer it shows your acc info example your name, online id, linked xbox live, linked psn, lino youtube etc i hope the ex i explained tells ya wer i was anyway at thay page it has a bar with a percentage of how much youv come to fully activating your acc mines at 55% but i noticed it gav me details say verify your acc get 22% more. idk what todo idk if my acc is verified or not please help!

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