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    Join option in multiplayer locked...DAMN WHY?

      when i try to join my friends in multiplayer i see, invite friend to party ok, but WHY my join feature is lock??? you know when you see your friends and want to join to their session is damn locked any help?

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          Same fn problem .. I bought 2 copies of this game to play with my kids who live in a different town and I can't even play with them because it's locked .. they send me invites and it won't let me join and vise versa and both out NAT are set to open .. talk about a joke and waste of money

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              It doesn't make it a waste of money, just because you fail to join a game - the waste of money is in the amount of campers and snipers that have no real skill in running around the maps with an assault rifle or LMG, and so they find a dark corner and make some smores. I've had it since the Midnight Launch, and yes, the join option has been locked for me several times too. Same as not being able to send more than one in-game invite per minute or so. Have either you or your kids tried to host a Private Match, while the second player tries joining? I have only come across this problem once; last night I was playing with 2 mates from a different state, both in the same house, same IP, etc. One could join but the second had to wait for us to join a match before joining us. Although, a quick game mode switch to Extinction solved the problem and then everyone was allowed to join - have you tried this? Keep in mind that it is a new release so some hiccups are to be expected.

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              Hey there andrewcr88,


              Are you still having problems joining a friend's game? Are your friends' lobbies full at the moment you are trying to join? Are you able to party up before joining lobbies? Keep us updated!