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        10. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

        Does anyone have know exactly what unlocks are done via clan participation? Mainly curious about the body count character camo (figured it might have something to do with clans since the body count weapon camo is related to clan wars).

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          11. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

          I am having the issue where as I go down my roster (all 70 members) and click people, the only names that come up are those of the top 6 members. I can't remove anyone unless they are the top 6. For example, I click on the profile of ApplyME and it brings me to the profile of NUMBerONE. If I wish to kick that person, it asks if I'm sure I want to kick NUMBerONE even though I clicked ApplyME. Very frustrating.


          Also, I'm getting notification after notification that I have a new application but then when I go to view them it says I have no pending applications. Wut?


          This is a wonderful post, thank you for your effort with this.

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            12. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

            First, I want to commend you for making the APK file available to us.  I noticed that on November 6th, there was a new update to the app.  Do you happen to know what was fixed? Also could you provide an APK to the new update.  I have the LG Optimus G PRO and the APK works just fine on my phone, only issue I have is when I reject an application it doesnt clear off of the list so I have about twenty sitting there. Once again I thank you for all the help you have provided.  I am actually a long time member here since CharlieOscarDelta, but ran into problems and my accounts have been unactivated.  Thanks

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              13. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

              If you go into the play store, search for and find Call of Duty, it will show that is already installed. When you go into it you will see the option to Update. No need to put out a new APK every time. I will try to put the new one out there somewhere but if you already have it installed you shouldn't have to worry about it.

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                14. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

                It still shows incompatible for me and will not allow update.

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                  15. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

                  when my friends join my clan, it says they're in the clan on the app but not on the xbox, which makes it so we cant play clan vs clan

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                    16. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

                    Did you give this some time to populate and update? They may need to go back to the main menu in the game and then go back into multiplayer so it reloads their online profile. Dashboarding and then reloading the game would work as well.

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                      17. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

                      yes, we have tried both of those options and have gave the game 2 days to try to update it. nothing has happened

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                        18. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

                        Have them double check their COD profile and make sure their accounts are linked. If they are linked properly then they will likely need to contact @ATVIAssist or @Beachheadstudio on twitter and see if they can help.


                        Another option may be to create a new COD Profile and re-link your accounts with them. Nothing should ultimately change with this but it could solve their issue if it is an issue with their profile (anything is possible here).

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                          19. Re: Clan Issues and Fixes

                          Do you know why my clan vs clan playlist is locked and i can't play either of the two modes available like clan vs clan team deathmatch? I have enough members and have had 4 with me during the time I wanted to play!

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