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        ok i will have them try option 2 because their gamertags are linked to the accounts that are in the clan. one correlation between the 3 people that show up on xbox and 3 people that don't is that the 3 people that show up on xbox have not been in a clan before, the 3 other people who dont show up on xbox have been in a different clan before and left their old one to join their current one, which they show up on the app as them being in it but it doesnt show them in it on xbox.


        it also says that they are in a clan on the app for them, but it says theyre not in a clan on xbox.

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          Does it show that you are in a clan in the game? Some have had issues with that not showing up even though they are in a game. I'm not sure why that wouldn't work.  All I can suggest is making sure all 4 of you are in the same clan (make sure in the game they are all showing in the clan). Make sure you have 4 (you already said you did). And try again. It could be an issue on COD's end or it could be something else. If you continue to have problems, contact @ATVIAssist and/or @Beachheadstudio on Twitter and see if they can help you out. Good luck.

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            yes, it does show that i am in the clan, thanks for the help

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              check to see if they are in the clan on xbox, hit Y, scroll over to the right and see if they are there, i am having the same problem

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                them making new accounts didnt work either, i will contact the people on twitter for help

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                  Are you asking if it shows im in a clan when I'm playing just a normal playlist game, such as under Standard > TDM? This is the mode I mostly play on my own or with my friends. Where would it show that we are in a clan to confirm this? BTW I do have the call of duty app and I am the clan leader so I know I am in a clan and it shows my roster on the app of 5 players plus I have edited settings and such so I know I am in a clan, just want to know how to confirm that in a game because something is up to where we can't play clan mode.

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                    Interesting point you brought up. I did scroll and it shows 4 of my 5 players are in the clan by checking through the method you said. One of them is not, and this member is someone I have tried playing the clan mode with and so the only thing I can think of was though it shows he is in my clan via the app and xbox clan details, he is not listed in my clan when i go to Friends and scroll right, this may be because he also tried making his own clan and it is conflicting with the clan he is in with me?? I dont know? Regardless he was one of the 4 members I was trying to get into a game with yesterday and maybe If i don't use him and all of a suddenly the clan mode works then It may have been because of that glitch?

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                      To confirm in game you can hit Y, go to the far right and see your clan details. That option is only available if you are in a clan.

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                        That would explain why the Clan vs Clan modes are disabled. All 4 members have to be in the clan. If he is in a clan by himself he may be stuck. The only way to remove himself is by transferring ownership of the clan. If he can't find someone wanting an empty clan he may have to setup a second Xbox Live account, activate a 2 day membership, play a game or two, have that player join the clan, transfer ownership to that account, and then leave the clan. Hopefully you get it worked out.

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                          That makes sense. So it is possible to be in two clans though?The one he created that he is in by himself and the one he is listed as a member of my clan on the app and it shows in our clan details he is too by the number of members it shows.

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