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    Where is search and destroy!?

      I would like to have the best gamemode back immediately!!

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          LOL, immediately!!, LOL...  This is 2 funny.

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            ... and Cranked Drop Zone!

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              Its goneeeeeeee finaly. Search and Rescue aint bad, but still ****. Get over it, there's lot of other game modes.

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                Seriously!! I was literally about to post this exact thing.  I play SnD pretty exclusively, and am very disappointed.  Search and Rescue is a cool idea, but don't take away SnD!!! At this point I feel like I wasted my money.  I hope they fix this, and soon.

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                  Although I am not exclusive to any particular game mode, SnD was my goto in COD 4, so I still have some fondness for the mode.  Why they removed it is beyond me.  I played HC SnD on BO2 and MW3 and to not have it in the game from the 'get-go' is quite disturbing.


                  What else are they willing to sacrifice ......


                  Overall I have been disappointed with the whole package, sometimes the maps are so samey-samey coloured that it's hard to see anything in the distance as it blurs into one; add to that the dog tags and all the Apple Acorn DOS text written above the tags (which does not fade on ADS) and it becomes very complicated.  I would say this is a step backwards from BO2 and I never in a million would have thought that I would be saying that when comparing IW and 3ARC in the COD 4, WAW, MW 2 era.


                  The worrying thing is that I have seen videos of next gen and it doesn't look as though it gets any better, I bought vanilla this time around (normally buy steel book), with a view to picking up HE next gen, but just 48 hrs with this game has made me stop and think again.

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                    it's the best competitive gamemode so i don't understand why it's left off...

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                      Its in private matches only now. I miss having it in pubs, but oh well. Cranked is a lot of fun.

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                        Why do you like watching others play? Maybe you are a beast and never die? I like to run and gun so SnD is out. It is a campers sport.


                        I honestly never understood the popularity of SnD. People like what they like so I'm not ripping on them if that is what they like, I just don't understand. You are either watching others play because you got killed, or you are camping in a corner watching for other players until someone gets impatient. I guess that is fun? When you are dead, it is like watching paint dry as you observe some other guy camping in a corner until the round is over or someone gets impatient. When I would play moshpit modes and end up in a SnD match, I would plant the bomb as soon as I could to keep the action going but inevitably someone else always gets the bomb and they run off and camp somewhere.


                        I know it is a very popular game mode but I just don't understand spending all that time camping and watching others camp. I can barely stand the spawn delay on CTF or HQ.


                        So can anyone explain the virtues of SnD for all of us non fans? I would think being able to be revived would be a blessing. Apparently, from the reaction of SnD fans, it is a travesty of justice.