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    Bug list.

      Feel free to add things.


      Here are a couple of bugs we have found:


      -Players are able to get a 'one-shot one-kill' with every gun, making shotgun useless.

      -Players can knife others from a distance.

      -Some bullets don't register.

      -Shooting sound stops after a while.

      - ADD ...




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          I haven't noticed any of those issues. My only complaint right now from a tech standpoint is that the Wiimote sniping behavior is still horrible. I swear devs never test that.

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              M4GNUM - We do.  A lot.  There are so many different controller configs being used right now, we are actively trying to resolve any reported issues in that respect.  Can you PM me your settings again so we can try them out on this end?  Thanks.

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                  Never mind, I found them.  Let me know if you've changed anything since you posted them yesterday.  Thanks for the info.

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                      Nope - same settings as in other thread. I hope I'm explaining my issue - it's hard to put into words. In sniping, you can normally ADS a sniper rifle and move your scope to the left or right so your player pivots. Right now, I have to move my wiimote way offscreen in order to get the guy to pivot and when he finally does, it jumps in that direction really fast. Compare sniping of MW3 or BO2 with Ghosts and you'll easily see it.


                      Button Layout: Alpha

                      Control Preset: Advanced

                      Lookspring: Enabled

                      Scope Aiming: Precision

                      Horizontal Speed: 40

                      Vertical Speed: 25

                      Horizontal Speed (ADS): 25

                      Vertical Speed (ADS): 25

                      Cursor Sensitivity: 20

                      Cursor Speed: 12

                      Camera Sensitivity: 20

                      Scope Sensitivity: 20

                      Turret Sensitivity: 7

                      Deadzones: small enough to make a "circle"

                      ADS Reach: 30

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                        the one thing thats really getting under mu skin on this game is that getting killed in one shot from every type of gun and it sucks lets hope u guys bring some patches to fix that and other issues that are popping up

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                        Absolutely. I'll PM them to you in about an hour if I have changed them since that other post.  Like I've mentioned in other threads, it *could* be a setting I'm screwing up on...but I've tweaked every possible setting to no avail. Honestly, if the sniping was improved (or if I am told it is a certain setting I'm missing)...wiimote controls would be perfect. So thank you for getting it improved. Just needs some screws tightened here and there.


                        Actually, here's one side note: there is one particular map where I can't ADS while prone. Stormfront. I can prone just fine and there is no warnings so it isn't an overhang or environment issue. In the middle of the map next to some buildings pointing towards the center (sorry so vague - still learning maps). I ADS and it comes out of ADS instantly. It glitches in and out. I'll let you know if it happens again (happened twice in one day - same spot).

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                          A_TREY_U, I know how to fix Wiimote scope sniping control issues. Just make the scope controls the same as ACOG. Exactly the same but without ADS snap. Done. Fixed. Easy. Plus, it's not overpowered in any way.

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                              I think do what you suggest, but add a tinge of sway (even though wiimote has inherent sway due to how we hold the wiimote when we play). In other words, there has to be some level of difference between sniper scopes and ACOG. Otherwise it would be OP. It can't be a super damage assault rifle...there has to be some level of skill involved.

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                          Not a bug, but in my opinion the distance between the player and an object that you can mantle is too large. I seem to be accidentally climbing things when, i think, i'm far enough away from them that i wont climb. Can this be adjusted? make it so you have to closer to objects before the prompt shows about climbing objects.

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                            Bugs I've had so far:


                            - mic sometimes doesn't work for a person on your team and you can only hear them when they die. It acts like they are on the other team and you can only hear their 'rage mic' when they are clearly on your team.


                            - Like when black ops 2 was first released, there is a delay issue. I can get hit markers for days and the other guy just needs to turn around and shoot me once and I'm dead. The kill can shows that I was firing and hitting them but they only needed one shot to kill me. I can tell there is a delay from when I throw a grenade or tactical. The hand animation plays but then I have to wait a second and the grenade will appear seemingly from nowhere. I'm not the only person with this problem, as people who I've been playing with on blops 2 experience the same thing.


                            - Host also pretty much has god mode right now, due to the above bugs.


                            Sone of these issues were there in the beginning of blops 2 so I know they can be rectified. Btw the game looks and feels great besides the above bugs and I can't wait to play it hassle free.

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                              • Can not join friends party (message box says its private; how to set it public??) invites required
                              • Can not take party members out of lobby without breaking the party (only two options Leave Yes/No while BO2 had 3 options if I remember well: Leave/Leave with party/Cancel)
                              • Some OFC guys mentioned: Unlucky (some times 3x repeating in a row) spawns: in front of an enemy dog (face to face) or in front of enemy (with back towards the enemy) resulting in a 3x death streak
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                                Hi guys,


                                Is anyone else having issues with their gun stuttering when firing?

                                Mine fires a couple of shots , then a slight hesitation then it starts again.

                                Ive lost numerous firefights like this.

                                Using wiimote (have changed wiimotes but happens on all of them).

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                                  I found a bug: When using the sound option for both TV and Game Pad, chat won't come through both speakers at once.

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                                    those sound more like lag issues than anything. I got the same issue but i was also able to tell that i was really dead when i was still alive this time around. I havent been playing enough to varifiy it as lag vs netcode, but the netcode has definitly improved, and i have noticed definite lag based deaths/kills. I am not saying i didnt get some poor lagcomp BS, i do want to see some kind of ping set up on the game to see what the connections are, now the best way to know is if there is NO BS going on or if we are teleporting, all the inbetween stuff is just a mystery.

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                                      also i had a issue with the game stoping me from firing when i sidestepped onto a ladder in middle of a firefight.

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                                        if you are a clan leader and you accept an invite to another clan it will put you in "the void" where you can't do a damn thing clan related at all it breaks clans all together.
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                                          It's hard to follow all the threads, and Pwnsweet's is just better organized and updated.  Is there any way you guys can move your issues over there so I can address them all in one place?