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    Poll: How many of you would like just a few more Perk points?

      If you've removed every single scrap of equipment on you and run with JUST your knife, you get a total of 12 perk points.

      With some perks costing upwards of 3 points, those slots fill up a bit too fast in some cases.

      When Ghosts announced it was doing the system differently, I expected that I'd be able to run with more than I was able to in Black Ops 2, but the hefty cost of some of the perks have made that impossible.


      So, am I the only one here that would like to have maybe 3 more perk points? [as a minimum, with 5 being the max; don't want to get too greedy]

      I dunno about the rest of you, but I'd even willingly give up my Kill Streak rewards for that...


      Alternatively, how about seeing some of the perks lowered in cost? It would be great if nothing ever went above 4 points. Would open up the builds up a bit more without breaking things.[and if there are any OP combos that could result from that, just make it so that some perks can't be used with others.]


      So, thoughts?

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          Re: Poll: How many of you would like just a few more Perk points?

          Too early to tell.  At least for me it is.  Will take me some time to get the scope of the balance in this game, but I'm sure tons of people play a lot more than I do and could provide more input.


          My first though is that some of the perks cost too much.  I'm sure that can be adjusted if the community decides that they need to be changed.  I just haven't played enough to provide an opinion yet.

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            Re: Poll: How many of you would like just a few more Perk points?

            Considering how powerful some of these perks can be, No

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              Re: Poll: How many of you would like just a few more Perk points?

              I guess I wouldn't agree that some perks cost too much.


              Consider this: You earn coins with game play and challenges. You spend those coins on perks. So it takes you a few days to earn enough coin to pay for the perks you want to use. So what. In previous versions of the game you had to level up before earning those perks, then you STILL had to pay for them. It's fair. The better perks go to the veterans that have paid the game time to earn them. Just as in previous iterations of this franchise.


              Also, if you can't get 'er done with 12 perk points, maybe it doesn't need to get done? I'm using 11 perk points and I've got a s**t ton of stuff going on in there. Ok, so you want to run Deadeye perk (5 perk points points). You're going to have to give up an extra attachment or a high cap mag. This keeps things balanced and allows various dimensions to approach the game. Otherwise what you're describing is just short of God mode.

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                  Re: Poll: How many of you would like just a few more Perk points?

                  I find it funny that you'd think an extra 3 to 5 points would make someone close to God mode, considering how easy everyone dies in this game.XD

                  No, I respectfully disagree with your assessment; I feel that an extra 3 or 5 points would open up builds a bit more, allow even more varied combinations to go on.

                  And, like I said, I'd even be willing to give up attachments and kill streaks if that's what it took to enable the extra slots.

                  Heck, if you want to, you could even make it so that the extra slots are a reward for prestige-ing every single soldier in your 10-man Squad, if you're really obsessed with having earn requirements.

                  I don't think it would make anyone any more overpowered than certain combinations already make some people.

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