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        Sorry - this should be the Character Unlocks are not UNLOCKING - just patches seem to work.
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          Not really bugs but rather some minor features missing from BO2:

          - No predictive words on keyboard when sending texts


          -Hard to explain but Ghosts doesn't save the content of your text after sending, like on BO2 if you sent a text it would save it so you could send a copy of it to someone else, or better yet just remove the 10 person limit.


          - Population map on Gamepad in lobbies. It was a cool little feature.


          - Setting the gane to boot to multiplayer still sends you to the title screen/forces you to watch the intro screens instead of going straight to the multiplayer screen like MW3/BO2

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            Also not a bug, but rather a missing feature that would be nice to have.  It would be nice if we could mute the entire lobby from the lobby as we could in Black Ops 2.  Unless there is a way to do such a thing and I don't see it.  Other than having to select each player and mute them individually.

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              When sprinting with the Wii Remote or walking in general, if you tap the LEFT DPAD it automatically stops all your movement, and you can't move as long as your holding it. Its the same button you would use to pick up a gun off the ground. But if your moving and press the left dpad it freezes you :3 not a big issue though.

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                I tested the helo pilot on wiimote a bunch of times tonight and the hit detection was fine. Is it supposed to be better than it is right now?

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                  The male avatar/character speaks as a girl... it's a small bug, not a problem at all. It just creeps me out a little. *whisper* tranny *whisper*

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                    What about changing the camo on your clothes of choice? I click "accept" on the color scheme i like, then you basically have to "back out" and when you do, the color scheme goes back to normal.

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                      Hi there, I am a player from Germany and I am experiencing serious texture loading problems with Ghosts on Wii U.

                      As an example, I have attached some screenshots I made for Miiverse in order to show the issue:






                      Are other players having these problems too? From what I can tell, this issue does not occur for everyone but I do not seem to be the only one either.

                      I've already deinstalled the update and even erased the save data to "reinstall" the game but nothing helped.


                      Surprisingly, the graphics look a lot better in multiplayer although they also take some time to load. In the singleplayer the hi-res textures do not seem to load at all for me.


                      Is there anything I can do? Could this be a problem with the disc or will this be fixed in a future update?


                      Any help is appreciated! And sorry for any bad English.

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                        There is a big problem with hip fire with the Wii remote. It might have something to do with the bad hit marker lag people have been reporting but it happens mainly while trying to hip fire, aiming down the sights works extremely well in comparison.


                        For example: While trying to shoot someone while turning, I can can have my red dot perfectly on the enemy but no hits will register, sometimes they will but only very late and not what my aim was showing me on my screen. It seems that for hip fire to work the player you are shooting needs to be directly in front of you. Help!

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                          I believe there is a problem with cod ghost for wii u off TV play.. A couple of my miiverse friends n I don't see the display button at the main menu to stream the game to gamepad while some of us do.. Is there a fix for this?? also after u complete a mission, it goes straight to the next in line, there is no screen to select loadout so we are left with the default for each mission. i'm not the only one experiencing these problems. people on miiverse and youtube are also complaining about these bugs

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