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    Useful Tips for playing.

      so with all the hate going on at the moment because ghosts isn't like BO2 (thank god) and you have to change your play-style or just get better. a lot of the forums is getting bogged with crap.


      but im putting this up for people who like this game and want to get better, below i am going to post some things i picked up while practicing in bot mode. which you can get to by going to a private match, or going to local multiplayer and you can set it up with everything from camos to killstreaks unlocked.


      firstly gonna post some stuff about weapons.


      1) the LSAT: its a pretty much recoil less killing machine with about a 800 RoF, id say the best gun in its category. and can attach the under-slung  shotgun and grenade launcher.


      2) the Bulldog is a semi auto shotgun with about 6 shots, but it can attach slug rounds which will hit something besides your patience, and coupled with the foregrip for much better recoil control the Bulldog becomes a close to medium range monster with good range for CoD shotguns.

      if played right the gun will always be a 1 to 2 shot kill. with a good fire rate, add a muzzle break with the 3 attachments perk and it gets even better.


      3) the FP6 is also a good shotgun with slugs with decent iron sights. from what i could tell the Tac-12 is about the same thing, but with much worse iron sights.


      4) the MR-28 DMR rifle is for me really good and worth a mention. highest fire rate of its class, and a 1 to 3 shot kill, with really good recoil allowing you to snipe people across the map really easily.


      none of the AR or SMGs, or secondarys really stood out to me as any different from one another. or any of the snipers.


      going to continue this on the next post.

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          Re: Useful Tips for playing.

          next im gonna go over some attachments.


          1) the under slung shotgun, is pretty reliable and is a decent substitute for a secondary and will take over your lethal slot, not to mention its a spam cannon. up close in panic knifing range its a little wonky but if your that close a knife will do just fine.

          and not to mention you'll have 2 extra perk point slots since the shotgun goes in your lethal but counts as a second attachment.


          2) the sights, the VMR sight is the hybrid sight from past CoD except it doesn't take up alot of the screen and you can easily switch between the 1x and 4x.


          3) the Thermal Hybrid scope, its the same as the VMR except that instead of the clear 4x scope it gets replaced with a extremely tunneled vision thermal scope, which turns everything into a clear black and white color and people without incognito will be a bright white, and even if they do its still a clear image and is pretty easy to spot someone.

          though with these map designs the scope will mostly likely be bad thing, but you can switch to a 1x red dot sight.


          4) the tracker sight, is a better version of the target finder "done right" but instead of a block with very little of the screen gone you now only get a small rectange, with the rest of your screen blurred out so bad it's impossible to see the outside of that little box. instead of a red diamond enemies are now highlighted in orange, and it can switch to a 1x iron sight which is kinda bad imo.

          its the same with the thermal but with a circle instead of a rectangle.


          5) the montion sensor does not act like the one in MW3 but instead its a proxy mine like a bouncing better that will tag anyone that runs past it with a orange outline that has a render distance, but a orange radar circle will pop up in the middle of your screen and can be replenished by scavenger.


          6) the IED is a proxy c4 that can be placed anywhere, much like the montion sensor can act like a warning system, but instead of instant detonation it will beep twice in the span of about a second then explode, anybody not watching out for it will be killed by it.


          7) the foregrip unlike BO2 it does something, Drif0r did a video about it explaining it in detail, but its a very useful attachment.

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            Re: Useful Tips for playing.
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              Re: Useful Tips for playing.

              next gonna cover some perks.


              1) not much to say about them since their all pretty straight forward in their description. except for the gambler perk which is worth more than just 1 perk point, as 90% of the time when you spawn you will spawn with a useful 2 to 3 point perk, the only perks it won't give you are  overkill, and  3 attachments perks.


              updated the gambler perk will give you hardline, deadeye and danger close.

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                  Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                  Hello Parnezzi,


                  thank you very much for your effort making this. Appreciated. I realise you're just editing this, so sorry if I get in the way of your intended multi-post structure with my reply.


                  I'd like to comment on something you wrote in your first post: "because ghosts isn't like BO2 (thank god) and you have to change your play-style or just get better". Firstly: Let's thank God together. I had never played a Call of Duty game before Modern Warfare 1, and stopped playing this very quickly. I jumped on the train again with BO2, and while I was incredibly bad, it was lots of fun for a while. After I got tired of BO2 a few months ago (ca. 3rd DLC), I wasn't sure whether to buy Ghosts, but I'm glad I did. While I absolutely don't like the "next gen graphics" (excuse me while I laugh) and think that some menus and feedback features were better in BO2 (the 'badges' or 'medals' on the top and the distinctive 'You've just done something' sound, for example), I somehow enjoy playing Ghosts more.


                  Regarding "you have to change your play-style or just get better": Well, I'm glad I don't have to. I already mentioned I was bad in BO2. Now, after a while of not playing CoD at all, I find that I'm considerably better in Ghosts. Not 'good' or 'a top player', but better. I think everything I did 'wrong' in BO2 is just what Ghosts demands. Thumbs up from me!


                  - Deshi

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                  Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                  the killstreaks assault then support


                  1) the trinity missle, is much like the predator missle except it can fire off 2 rockets before acting like 1 itself,


                  2) the vulture acts just like a nightowl but with a machine gun, will follow you around and shoot at people once they come into its line of sight marking them with a red laser before it shoots.


                  3) the gryphon it acts much like the dragon fly except instead of shooting a crappy unreliable machine gun it fires rockets, its worth it i'd say.


                  4) the juggernaut will spawn with a minigun with 250 rounds in it with a pistol and a canister bomb, not worth it for what you have to do to get it imo as the mini gun will not replenish and its pretty slow.

                  the maniac juggernaut is much better.


                  5) the helo pilot seems a bit unreliable to me due to the large map sizes and the difficult to control aiming while trying to position yourself.


                  6) the loki killstreak, is powerful but 2 things about it, you can not drop care packages on corner campers and kill them, all you'll end up doing is giving them a free kill streak, the AI juggernaut it spawns is pretty decent and will always stay on the map until its killed, not only that if you get another loki killstreak then you can get another juggernaut following you around, while still having the first one.


                  a pretty decent strategy to use is to drop a care package in the enemy spawn or near them and wait for some foolish player to try and go steal it once he does drop some missiles on him. and any others instead of doing the chasing game.

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                    Re: Useful Tips for playing.



                    1)  the ammo crate, it is not a care package but instead is a crate you throw that gives you and your teammates ammo and a random weapon, it may be good or it may be crap, but if your out or dont have a secondary its pretty good.


                    2)  the nightowl is meh, it acts as a mobile trophy system and thats about it, and pretty much is a marker for enemies to know where you are.


                    3) the support squadmate, much like the dog killstreak will summon in a AI controlled teammate with a riot shield that will actively try to kill your enemies by smacking them with the riot shield.

                    he will not crouch though, but he will act as a shield and a distraction. :he can stack if you can manage to keep him alive long enough to get another 11 kills:


                    4) ground jammer is pretty much a counter UAV


                    5) the helo sniper, is hit or miss, due to the large map sizes it makes it hard to find people and not to mention you have a sniper rifle without the auto aim from BO2, it has the potential to be great.


                    6) the oracle is a map wide VSAT that pings people and their position for about a second, every 20 seconds or so i think, again its hit or miss it can be a life saver or most likely it'll ping people cross map with noone near you.


                    7) the juggernaut recon is just like the MW3 version, nothing special


                    8) the odin is much like the loki but drops support care packages, a support juggernaut that works like the loki juggernaut, smoke and a player ping much like the recon drone from MW3.

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                      Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                      and a few strats i learned.


                      1) with the maniac jugg if you go into a slide right before you knife someone you won't be stuck in the stab animation it works for knifing without the suit as well.

                      you'll still suffer from the delay of having to get up off the slide but its faster than the grab and stab.


                      2) with the IED, a good way to get kills that players cant avoid it are to place it under a ladder near the middle or bottom of it, because once they go to climb it will set off the IED and since they'll be stuck on the ladder they will either die or try and jump off and still get caught by the explosion.


                      3) if you hadn't realized this by now you can use local and private matches to customize your guy any way you like, from his gear to what camo looks like on guns.


                      4) the MSBS is a type-95 clone from Mw3, it needs an update so its a 3 shot kill instead of a 2 shot, hell even the DMRs are 3 shot kills with the burst attachment. if you were wondering why people are using it, the fire rate isnt as good as the type-95 but the OP status is still there, just less noticed since most guns will kill in 3 shots.


                      5) your running speed is no longer tied to your loadout but now its tied to your weapon, so now you can switch out to your pistol for faster running.


                      6) for the field orders get 1 kill from behind is actually kill 1 unsuspecting foe, meaning not shooting them in the back but going up and stabbing them in the back or laying down an IED and them getting killed by it.


                      now some of these are my opinion and most are facts about them, if you wanna help and put some of your tips go ahead, im just doing this to help, no matter my personal opinion.

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                        Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                        First off, thanks parnezzi for doing this. I appreciate your positive approach to Ghosts by not taking the low road of slamming the game in its first week after release. I too am doing better in Ghosts then I ever did in BO2 despite some of the insta-deaths etc. I love the bigger maps. More time to think. And, something that many are ignoring, is that these larger maps give them longevity by leaving it up to the player to learn the map. And learning a larger map you may realize there are many ways to attack your enemy. Which to me is the a strength of any warfare based game. Why people complain about larger maps baffles me. The tiny maps of BO2 simply made it like a drug. You get high for about a minute then you come down realizing there wasn't much to it anyway. I think Ghosts has more pluses then BO2, which has mostly minuses in its proverbial column. Only my opinion.

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                          Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                          i don't see why everybodys having problems, yeah its kinda crappy at first im still unlocking stuff i need to be better, it is a little annoying that UAV are pretty much gone, but it works in my favor as well.

                          but after playing a few games im not dieing to bullshit like BO2 my bullets are connecting and when im dieing im at least getting a hitmarker.

                          and even if im not going all that positive im not that annoyed since most of my deaths aren't something wrong with the game or lag comp.

                          first time ina while where i can play for a long while and not be extremely annoyed.

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                            Re: Useful Tips for playing.
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                              Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                              Trinity missle is Hellstorm renamed.  Way to be original IW

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                                Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                                The only ones who are complaining are the people who can't adapt and don't like challenges and they always have to win no matter what and they want to be catered to only. They like Black Ops 2 because it was always on easy mode for them and that's why they hate this game because they actually have to think and use skill in order to do well. I think this game is a step up from the garbage from earlier games.

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                                    Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                                    Adam1234567893 wrote:


                                    The only ones who are complaining are the people who can't adapt and don't like challenges and they always have to win no matter what and they want to be catered to only. They like Black Ops 2 because it was always on easy mode for them and that's why they hate this game because they actually have to think and use skill in order to do well. I think this game is a step up from the garbage from earlier games.

                                    I Agree for the most part. I'm still getting insta-killed more then I like. But I am also more successful in Ghosts then I ever was in BO2. I hope they add more dedicated servers, because I still think it will help since we're still getting host migrations.


                                    Anyway, its still early after release, so I'm being patient.

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                                      Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                                      Not everyone who complains about the game does so just because they cant adapt, or they dont like a challenge.

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                                      Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                                      there are some problems with balancing but its not as bad as trash ops 2, and honestly the only major gripes are the dog, the type-95 clone which is the MSBS.

                                      and the ground jammer which you can't destroy like a counter-UAV.

                                      and then theres the QSing which hopefully they'll make harder so more people will sit in back with a sniper. and not some shotgun that goes all range

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                                        Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                                        IFLY made a detailed description about the MSBS, i honestly thinks it needs to be patched to be a 3 shot kill up close, but he details how to fight these "MSBullShit noobs" i'd recommend getting a remmingtion or a AK-12 with a foregrip as their recoil is easy to control. and their quite powerful.


                                        also the AI juggernauts that you get from the Odin and loki killstreaks can cap domination points, and not to mention domination points will give you points towards your killstreaks.

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                                            Re: Useful Tips for playing.

                                            If anything, the MSBS is weak compared to the Ridiculously OP AK12, Remington R5, AAC Honey Badger and MTAR-X, IW, THEY NEED NERFING!

                                            I can sum up Ghosts MP in 10 Words

                                            Guard Dogs, I.E.Ds, Campers, Tryhards, OP Guns, Tracker Sights, Choppers

                                            Easy, I don't see why people don't play fairly, like i do, i rarely camp, i vary my weapons choices (I have used EVERY single gun at some point in my classes, i still use them)

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