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    We Aren't Connecting To Games Based On Ping

      when we try to join a multiplayer game via matchmaking, which is the only way, it does not say "looking for games >50ms ping"


      instead, all it does is say "5/30 games found" and it IMMEDIATELY sends to you to a server on the other side of the world or in a whole different continent and you have lots of lag


      this is unacceptable, now we all know why they wont let us know what our ping is, because there would be a massive outrage over people immediately knowing what i just told you


      i first noticed this because i am playing from california and im constantly being connected to german and french people who live in those countries half of the time, then i started to notice the british sounding people, even in smaller games like squads mode


      this seriously needs to be fixed, even if we arent playing on dedicated servers and those will soon be added, we need to be able to connect to lobbies with the least amount of lag

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          Re: We Aren't Connecting To Games Based On Ping

          You shouldn't expect more from Infinity Ward Call Of Duty game. It has always been like that. They promised to update their algorithms in Ghosts, so this is probably as good as it gets.

          Hope for a patch to make things better, and meanwhile... play something else!

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              Re: We Aren't Connecting To Games Based On Ping

              its NEVER been like that


              and u cant just tell me "oh well you dont like how the game works.......... well dont play it for 12 days until the new patch is out"


              there is a rumor that we will get a patch on november 18

              but thats too long from now, 12 days is a really long time


              we need this fixed much sooner, they can obviously fix this RIGHT NOW

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                  Re: We Aren't Connecting To Games Based On Ping

                  Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that for huge companies like Activision.
                  Small developer companies can push out updates daily or even faster. Large monsters, like Activision, require a lot of procedures before they can push out a patch, especially for console games (they need to license the stuff from Microsoft, as far as I know, they pay a large amount of money for every patch they do). Even for PC it would require to pass through Quality Assurance team, and that means the patch needs to be tested extensively, which typically takes no less than a week.

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