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    An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

      Let me open by saying that I love the Call of Duty franchise, which is why I am writing this review, because I hope, that deep down, something changes within the series to correct the slow death that it is currently being dealt. I like many other players had been looking forward to playing yet another iteration of this beloved franchise, but now I am left with nothing but disappointment and the feeling that I was robbed by Activision by purchasing what I am calling a Generic Military Shooter.


      I want to begin this review with what Call of Duty IS as a definition. Call of Duty is the flagship software of Activision, it's one of the companies biggest franchises, and is considered a AAA title when it is released. As such, consumers expect to receive a AAA title when it purchased, Call of Duty Ghosts does not live up to that expectation in any way. I am not talking about the lack of innovation (I expect a certain level of familiarity when I play a COD game) I expect to get pwned, I expect to be corner camped, I expect to be quick scoped, in other words I expect all of the shenanigans that are associated with this franchise that most people complain about, so my gripes with this game have absolutely nothing to do with the average complaints of this game. Call Of Duty was built upon smaller, intense maps, with fast gunplay and rage inducing moments, that is the franchise that I have come to know and love, and this game just doesn't bring it to the table.


      For starters, multiplayer is boring. I have no other words for it. Due to the increased map size it is nearly impossible to engage in fast action gun play. There are a couple of maps that do work at this level, but the majority of them are massive. Finding another player is sometimes impossible, and oftentimes when you do find another player its because they shot you in the back as you passed them because there are too many routes on the map, too many places to hide, and too many angles to be shot from. This is extremely frustrating. The beauty of smaller maps is that you generally know where your opponent was going to be, you knew how combat was going to flow, and then you and your team could develop strategies to obtain whatever your given objective was, it was actually competitive. When you give players a massive map to camp on, with 50 routes to a given objective there is absolutely no way to organize a realistic strategy for victory. On the same topic, to me these maps are just bland, there is nothing memorable about any of them, as they are all pretty forgettable. I know everyone has their favorite maps to play on from previous titles, can you honestly name one from Ghosts that is just so amazing that you get excited when it rotates up? It's as if they wanted everything to be as realistic as possible, thereby making the maps boring and bland with way too many routes to an objective. The problem is, it destroys the historical precedent of the previous titles and sucks the joy out of playing it. 


      Secondly, the progression system is terrible, and difficult to understand. In previous games when you leveled up, you actually felt rewarded for the accomplishments with new unlocks, numbers and tags flying across your screen, etc, point being there was some modicum of fanfare about accomplishing your goals. It was one of the things I loved about the franchise, you had to earn your gear and you had to earn your rank. I loved being able to rank up my guns and unlock new attachments, it added depth to the leveling system and provided a "carrot/stick" dynamic that just kept you playing. You wanted to level up, you wanted to perform well in games, and you wanted to unlock that next gun. Treyarch got that right with the black ops series, it's one of the things that kept me hooked to that game. Ghosts is entirely different, and not in a good way. With the squad points system you can unlocks the weapons in any order you want, no waiting to level up to do so, so literally you unlock the best gun in the class, buy the best attachments for your play style, and call it a day. It removes the challenge of ranking up and unlocking new items, and it is boring. When I level up, I have no idea what benefit has been provided for me, nor is it explained how more squad points are earned, which I assume is tied to leveling.


      And on the topic of map size and leveling, the grind to rank up to acquire more points to unlock more gear is painfully slow, most of this is due to the map size as it is hard to complete objectives when you can't even find the opponents, and none of the game types really lend themselves to fast leveling. Again, this contributes to the overall blandness of the game as It feels like I'm not even progressing (although in all honesty I don't understand what I'm progressing for after I unlock exactly what I want for my solider). I don't understand how anyone is going to have the time to unlock every soldier and loadout option... or why they would even want to.


      I have played through every available game mode, and so far I have enjoyed Blitz which is a new take on Capture the Flag, but even this game mode is broken. I don't know how many people have realized this, but the way it keeps score is screwed up. Basically whoever wins the first round cannot lose the game, they either win or tie regardless of how many points the second team scores in the second round. I don't know if this was intended, but that sucks the joy out of making a comeback, or playing the game mode altogether. I'm not going to go into the problems of the other game modes as it seems a good majority of the community that is vocal about the issue have made their point already, but again, it's all boring and bland.


      At the end of the day this game just feels like a generic military shooter. The sad fact is that they could have slapped "Medal of Honor" or "Super Soldier WAR" on the cover and no one would have been the wiser that it's a Call of Duty game, the whole package just feels mediocre, which coming from a AAA franchise is why I think most of us feel betrayed by this game.


      I will be honest in saying I enjoyed Extinction mode, it seems like it could be fun if it's built upon, but at this point that's the only redeeming point of the game and it is definitely not worth the price of admission.


      Normally at this point I am pretty absorbed in playing the game, but truth be told on launch night after only playing a couple of hours I was ready to be done with it, not because I was getting quickscoped or I was raging hard at the game, it was because I was bored with it. I was having much more fun playing Grand Theft Auto... which has now replaced COD:Ghosts in the disk tray of my Xbox for the forseeable future.

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          1. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

          Well said i couldn't of put it better myself I agree with everything you said there

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            2. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

            This post is beautiful and very well written. I couldn't agree more!!! I'll most likely be getting rid of my copy soon, and going back to BO2.

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              3. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

              Wow. Hit the nail on the head with that one. Great post man

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                4. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                As someone who never was into any type of console games until BO2, I completely agree.  I enjoy parts of the game but am very bored playing it.  KC is one of my favorite games to play and with the huge map sizes, you can spend a good part of the game running around and getting sniped from a distance.


                One other issue I have seen is the amount of Sat Coms.  I think it's 3 kills here which happens way to fast in my opinion.

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                  5. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                  perfect review and its exactly why as a call of duty fan i feel let down, its depressing. and with the maps yes, they are probably the main cause of the terrible game play, theirs only one map i love play on ghosts and its that small map in like a train station or something, because its small and has predictable attack routes allowing for a strategy when playing, all the other maps you just spend running endlessly before the inevitable kill cam of a guy shooting you in the back arrives and the you get spawned back in timbuck two and having to spend another few minutes running all the way back accross the gargantuan maps once more. Some of the black ops 2 maps were stupidly small, nuketown being the main culprit but they rest were perfect, they didnt have to make them so much bigger.


                  Feels like ive lost my favourite game for a year until hopefully they release a better version next year.

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                    6. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                    This is a fantastic post. I don't know whether it's because you have the first post in this thread, but I'm not allowed to like it - otherwise I wouldn't be able to like it enough.


                    Simply put - when you have the challenge on next gen that some of these other titles are prepared to provide, like Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and Destiny, the time was NOW for Call of Duty to truly come out with something groundbreaking, revolutionary, and capable of hitting the massive home run that put this series firmly in the middle of those contenders for best FPS out there right now.


                    Instead, we got a game that is just bland, dull, and boring. There's no other way to describe it. When you look at some of the innovation that Treyarch introduced in Black Ops 2 - innovative weapons, revamping the create a class, a whole new way of rewarding objective players and a complete overall to the way you earn streaks with scores, the Call of Duty series was definitely heading in the right direction - lots of improvement, freshness, and creativity.


                    Ghosts completely and utterly fails to follow that up. Instead, we get a game that looks and feels very similar to any other Infinity Ward game of old. I saw a video today that had side-by-side gameplay from CoD-4 & CoD ghosts next to each other, and it's remarkable how truly similar the games look to one another. On all the key areas that Treyarch improved, Ghosts either takes a step backwards (in the case of point streaks that don't reward objective players), and create-a-class (why not just rip BO2's system right from them).


                    This isn't a good game. At the very least, it's not a game that pushes this series in the right direction. Unfortunately, some people will choose to think that it does, and they are the very reason why Infinity Ward, as a developer, continues to re-hash old, archaic ideas, rather than coming out with something fresh, new, and exciting.


                    The true perils, limitations, and blandness of Ghosts will come on Next gen when some of the heavy hitters come out. With their new fresh ideas and improved visuals, Ghosts won't stand a chance.

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                      7. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                      Another thing is that people are assuming people that dont like the game just dont like it because they are bad at it. Personally i am not bad at it.. the game itself is just not fun in my opinion.. it lacks any motivation to want to be good at it or play it long enough to become beast... 1 or 2 games and im sick of it trying to force myself to play.. :/ this is for sure the last CoD i buy and hopefully i do not own it for much longer

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                        8. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                        wow my friend this post hit the spot. could not be said any better. i hope COD or who ever is in charge takes a real nice look at this post. they are going from good to bad. in which it should be there other way around from better to awesome... making their games better than the previous one not worst.


                        this game is going to the dust shelve until further update......

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                          9. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                          this is a brilliant post, spot on dude.

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