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    Best Rushing Class Setup!

      Best Rushing Class Setup and Weapon Perks in Call of Duty Ghosts. How to Rush in COD Ghost - YouTube



      Vector CRB with Extended mag and Muzzel Break



      Ready Up

      Quick Draw





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          A rusher class that doesn't have Dead Silence? A suppressor? Off the Grid?


          But has... gambler?



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              Just wanted to say rushing classes can have anything actually honey badger has a suppressor if you use it you are going against what you said most people that rush use the honey badger and I use the k7 both with suppressor

                                           My best rushing class is:

                                             Honey Badger armor piercing and reflex sight or extended mags

                                                Perks: Sleight of hands



                                                           Ready up


                                                           Tactical mask or flak jacket

              I there different but either one works

              I know you said nothing about not having suppressor but it can have almost anything

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                When I rush I typically don't use a suppressed weapon either. Non-suppressed weapons draw the attention I like as a rusher. I also disagree with using dead silence because you'll typically be moving constantly and have that advantage. I thing Ping is wildly helpful for rushing. Also Ready Up and Quickdraw.

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                mtar- grip muzzle break or rapid fire

                ready up

                slight of hand

                steady aim





                This set up is optimal for gunbattles. I dont use marathon or agility because i plan on being in there spawn getting 5-10 kills per death even if i only get 3 or 4. Dead silence and silencers are for people with no skill who cant win gun to gun. Only thing i change every once in a while is scavenger for steady aim if they are bad players.

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                  people who use amplify normaly dont know how to use their gun + i can still hear people w/o amplify so ya im stupid cuz i dnt normaly die to amplify noobs

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                      Bit silly to say people who use Amplify dont know how to use their gun.


                      Amplify is one of the most underrated and underused perks in this game, with a good sound system/headset you can hear people on a completely different floor to you, knowing someone is above/below you is incredible useful and effective, that one perk alone could save you 3/4 deaths in a match.

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                      I'm a bit reluctant to give away my secrets.... but here goes:


                      Honey Badger, Red Dot & FMJ

                      Marathon, Dead Silence, Sit Rep, Amplify or Quickdraw.


                      Use Specialist and have Scavenger, Blind Eye, Off the Grid, Incog then whatever else.


                      So basically after my fifth kill I become a machine.  Only disadvantage is I have no secondary or any type of grenade.