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    Zombies Forever!! Why Extinction Cant Even Compare!!

      Explain why you think zombies is better than every other game. I think the best part of zombies is the atmosphere, the maps,the Easter Eggs Figuring out characters and there past, listening to radios and small little EEs around the map like songs. Im excited to see how the zombie team will respond to extinction mode and absolutely crush it next year.

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          I don't think we can directly compare IW Extinction to 3arc Zombies. They are apples and oranges.

          Extinction is just bloody chaos. The winner is whoever has enough ammo to outlast the aliens.


          In Zombies, you can be strategic, frugal on ammo, string along the zombies, EEs are a good challenge...you get much more control of the situation.


          Both have their fun factor but Zombies will keep a legion of followers for much longer. It is early days and IW need to expand on the current map otherwise people will tire of the chaos quite quickly.


          I myself have already thought about retiring from Extinctions. So +1 for 3arc Zombies.

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            Because aliens is SO 2005

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              Zombies: Progressive difficulty, ease of use when acquiring weapons, simple missions with tedious enemies that dont change over time or become over powered (rounds 1-25), weapons are effective in gameplay.


              Extinction (my opinion): right off the bat it is difficult to eliminate the aliens with the crap pistol you're given, the guns arent obvious so it is easy to pass right by ammo when you really need it, punching doesnt affect them whatsoever, and finally running away is pointless. To run is to die. To turn and fight is to die. Its a catch 22 with extinction. You would have to level up in order to affectively rip up the aliens. However, i dont have time to die over and over just to reach a certain rank in which will give me a boost in some type of perk that doesnt even last the whole game. Over powered enemies easily gang bang you and the task alone is a nusence.


              Pent up rant complete.

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                It's to early to compare these IW is barely on their babysteps to this mode if they decide to continue it with a new map with each map pack it could get better. But I will say Treyarchs zombies did have a better start with Nacht Der Untoten compared to this.

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                    eextinction is totally different than zombies. I think it's no where near as good, and I tried my best to be very objective about iT.  The gameplay is utter chaos vs zombies controlled chaos.  There is no such thing as trains, and the aliens attack you in a variety of ways Vs the zombies slaps. Aliens ammo system seems very awkward.  also there is no auto aim, so you might as well just play MP.  I think iW would have a beast game mode if they simplified the aliens attacks, turned on auto aim, and made the game unlimited instead of  an end.  But with seeing the copy and paste job they did from MW2 my hope is almost gone. Because where there is laziness, there is a sh1t game

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                      IW has been experimenting with making a Zombies type mode for their games since Survival in MW3.

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                      Your purpose in zombies is to survive.  Your purpose in extinction is to stop the aliens from breeding. 


                      I'll take surviving a massive horde of bloodthirsty zombies over destroying alien eggs anyday.  

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                          I'll take surviving a massive horde of bloodthirsty zombies over destroying alien eggs anyday. 


                          This pretty much sums it up.


                          It is pretty obvious to anyone who got caught up in the zombie fever that IW tried their very best to cash in on the zombie side of the community with Extinction, but as many expected, it failed massively.


                          I know a lot of people will say Extinction in in an infant stage, and it can improve over time, but it has already failed. Why? Easy to explain really. Nacht won us over because it was HIGHLY addictive straight from the word go. We did not know why it was addictive, but it was. It was a non stop rollercoaster of arcade addictiveness that was too good to put down.


                          I have already forgot about Extinction, and so have 90% of people who have played it. Why? Because as fun as it is to play, it is neither addictive or entertaining. Sure it is good for a game or two, but who will be playing this particular map in 5 years time? Nobody is the definitive answer.


                          Extinction was a cheap attempt at getting the zombie crowd on board, and sadly, it failed massively.


                          New maps or not, zombies is zombies, and Extinction is second best. End of.

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                          Chalk & cheese,Problem with extinction is chaos as posts have mentioned but its not hard,you CAN melee with 2 swipes takes the lil ones out.The issue is that no one seems to get far,hive 6,7 etc,when hive 10-12 is where the funs at.The real guns are up there in the hills after the town part,the chainsaw etc.Again i dont think the game was intended as a comparison or even replacement for the classic zombies that deserves a stand alone title initself.Ghosts seems padded out with stuff like squads for the obvious gaps where theres no zombies.But hey,what better way 2 keep people than to stop the game & make em wait ! Games fun but its really gonna annoy the easter eggers

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                            While I agree with some of the negative comments about Extinction mode here, I personally like Extinction WAY better than Zombies mode simply because Zombies mode was way too simple, the maps were really small, and it got incredibly boring almost instantly (to me.)  I really tried to like Zombie mode in a few of the Treyarch games, but the more I played, the less I liked it.  Zombie mode always felt like an afterthought that was tacked on, and it just never caught my interest.  Extinction is certainly getting frustrating to me -- it's just so chaotic that I feel like there's no strategy sometimes, and I'm getting really tired of the first few hives -- but at least I'm not already "bored" of it like I was with Zombies at this point.


                            Only time will tell if Extinction can hold my interest, but I'll continue to play it for a while.  I wouldn't mind if it offered more variety when you start the game, however, because I fear that I'll get REALLY tired of those first few hives.


                            On that note, does the game reach a point where you get to start somewhere else, or is it always just a single map that you have to work through from the beginning in order to see the later stuff?




                            PS.  Regarding the "overly chaotic" issues with Extinction, I feel like one of the problems is that the creatures are all way too fast, which results in very little sense of "range" during attacks -- i.e. I rarely feel like I'm fighting anything at a distance.  All the creatures (so far) are almost instantly upon you, so you're always fighting in close quarters.  It's always turning into a confusing blob of mayhem where you're just shooting and meleeing everywhere.  The combat itself therefore lacks variety even when you encounter different types of creatures.  I wish most creatures moved slower, which would make the fast ones really stand out.

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                              Up to 4th Prestige on Aliens, and I still have to say Zombies is a lot better.


                              Chaos is fun, but I get enough chaos in a grief match.

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                                With zombies you get replay ability, you fail, you try again to better yourself, but in the end...you fail.



                                Extinction is it's own game entirely and shouldn't be compared to zombies at all, if anything compare it to Left 4 Dead. I think Extinction has just a good a place in it's game as Zombies does in Treyarchs games. I haven't had the chance to play as much of Ghosts as I'd like to, but the modes were all fun and not once did I try to compare it to Treyarch.


                                If you sat them side by side, I would choose zombies, just for the push to get better than my, or my friends scores. It offers a Pac man fever style of play that just makes it hard to put down (still, a pause button would be heavenly!) And I've only heard from Extinction players, that once you beat the map, there isn't much left that makes you want to play it more than a few times.


                                I was a fan of MW survival, I love most of the zombie maps, and I am sure I'll like Extinction, once I get the game, I'm just waiting for a few DLC to see if it's worth getting.