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    does anyone want to hear my ideas about a great scary/shooter apocalypse free roam multiplayer rpg game?

      subwaysystem underground overground remapping and recreation of the biggest urban city in america. complete design on predesigned space + maps + a few different smaller maps(woods, mountains, islands, and buildings/large places.


      easy(unlim ammo/food) /hard

      a balance a melee/guns/( LVL 95+up magic) and the beasts you fight


      regular guns

      food, perks+ perk substances




      and a spot for the hard players to allow the achievement of magic


      firstperson shooter/3rd


      vehicles and permadeath


      +++large player/robot war, story relative replayable battles

      +top notch movie like story about time, demons, and different insanities or people


      xbox one or ps4 virtual reality eventually if the market were to ever desire that.



      called WEIGHT