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    Always Bad Connection and always lagging

      Every time I play zombies I always end up lagging and having Connection Interrupted. It freaking sucks and this only happens when I play black ops 2. I could play Gta 5, battlefield 3 and any other game and not have any problems. This is an issue black ops 2 team needs to fix.

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          Get better internet.

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            It has nothing to do with Treyarch, Activision or the game itself.


            You either have really bad internet, or the people you play with do. If you go on to say it happens every time no matter who you play with, then it is definitely YOUR internet that is the issue.


            I play with people who lag frequently on zombies due to them using their phones to connect to Live but they are fine when they play GTA, ergo it is still their internet that is the issue here... because they are using a PHONE!?! to connect to the internet.


            Either way... don't blame the game.

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              Post your internet speed.

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                In the guys defence, I lag really badly on the 360 version, especially playing origins.  Absolutely no other game lags for me, strangely the multi player is fine, well, less I'm playing people too far away, and then it's fair enough.


                Now if I play it on the pc, it plays like a dream, no dropped frames, no lag, again unless it's matched me with someone the other side of the world






                This is a poor result btw, as it's peak time and my sons streaming.  And yes, I absolutely know how to configure a router.

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                    Know how and do it right is a different thing.

                    Just as mentioned above, post your connection stats... NAT type, ingame bandwidth, up down speed.

                    I cant play outside my region, i dont blame the game or devs because i can play just fine with players close in my area.

                    Some just have too many devices going at the same time, pc, phone, ipad, etc.

                    DBZ is on the money... definitely YOUR connection that is the issue.

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                        I can assure you I set my router correctly to share the internet over my network.  Between my son and myself, we quite literally have hundreds of games.  None of them, I'll repeat that bit for you, none of them lag, apart from the zombie mode on BO2.  I can play waw, and BO1 zombies without lag.  And my NAT is open, and my in game connection is maximum, because my router is configured correctly.  Which ever route I take, upnp or port forwarding, my set-up works for ALL my other games, but still gives me grief for BO2 zombies.


                        So, I'll ask you, what am I doing wrong, that still allows every game I own to play correctly(hundreds remember), but not BO2 zombies on the xbox?  I most look forward to your technical expertise in this regard

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                        Well, I only ever play with people from the States when I am on XBOX and I only ever have lag issues when the host has a bad connection. The game is not the issue here. It is either the OP's connection of his XBOX.


                        My money is on his connection, but yeah... a quick speed test can maybe shed some light on it.

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                            My connection is good, I usually pull host.  And there's 3 xbox's in the house, and believe me I've tried them all.  I'm sure 99% of people don't have a problem.  But to assume there isn't a problem because you don't have one, is the same as me believing there is a problem for everyone because there is for me.  I can only assume there's some bizarre variable with that game that isn't present in any other I own.


                            It drove me so insane that I just stopped playing it in the end.  I just wished there were more people on the PC version, which does play great for me. 

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                                Have you tried configuring your search preferences? I used to get laggy games all the time until I noticed that setting in-game and I changed it so that I only join games with the best connection. After that, my ping never goes higher than 120 in most games & I'm a happy camper. Problem still exists with other users who have crappy connections and decide to quit leaving me by myself...

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                            I have been having this problem for the last 2 months or so, except im not lagging, i just get disconnected all the time around round 20-30. All sudden i get disconnected from host and most times logged out of psn.

                            No problem with multi or other games BO works fine. and im almost always playing with east coaster from Canada like myself.

                            I set up a static IP because i heard that would help but it didn't affect shite. Never have my laptop on while playing or any devices connected.

                            The only thing that changed was we got a wireless router from our ISP but i still wire in my PS3

                            My DL speed is 5.0

                            My UL speed is 500-600 kbps

                            internet service is Bell Aliant

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                                @ c dogg


                                I've had that happen loads in the last 2 months, since apocalypse came out.


                                I put my ps3 in a dmz, and its worked epically since. It got so bad if I left my ps3 on paused on a game of solo for 2 or 3 mins it would sign out. But like I said, dmz worked great.



                                @op if you don't have higher than 5 mb broadband, I really wouldn't have more than one device at a time.

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                                    Thanks for the input thecalmquail, i thoght i killed this thread with my shite internet lol jk.

                                    Since replying to this i forwarded ports for BO2 and have seen improvement in my connection while slaying zombies, only 1 lost connection since as opposed to almost every game of origins.

                                    Im reluctant to DMZ my ps3 because i stream a lot of movies on it, although i hear it will boost connection a bit it isnt worth the added risk of intrusion for me.

                                    If I end up having more difficulties, i will consider doing it, but again, port forwarding seems to have fixed the issue.

                                    Anyone else having connection troubles should definitely look into static IP and port forwarding.