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    The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

      The title says it all... you die way too fast in this game!


      In multiplayer, don't you feel like you're dying too fast? It literally feels like "Hardcore" all the time even in "Core"! As soon as I get shot at that's it I'm done! I can't even start thinking about counter-attacking because I'm already dead!


      Some might say well it's realistic and I get it but this kind of realism should be in "Hardcore" modes only, not in the "Core" portion of the game. Even in Battlefield it's not that easy to die! What's the point of having those red "I'm hurt" indicators on your screen if you can't even shoot your enemy back?


      Of course you can always adapt to the game and get better and this and that but since we all lag in multiplayer the characters health have to be higher. Just take a look back at Black Ops II and how sometimes you would die so quickly with just one or two bullets so you would wonder what just happened but the killcam would show your killer actually shooting more bullets than you saw. Lag sometimes (well most of the time with Peer to Peer connections) shows you less bullets fired than the game registered. So now imagine that with Ghosts health... you die as your enemy's bullet isn't even half way in your direction?


      I've been playing Call of Duty since the very beginning (on PC) and switched to the 360 with Call of Duty 4 and kept playing each title until now so I consider myself and veteran gamer who not only is used to the franchise but also who knows a lot about it (the main game I play each year, I have a 3 years old clan who reached maximum levels in both MW3 and BO2 on ELiTE and I have a blog dedicated to Call of Duty with over 100 articles).


      So this being said, all I can say is that this is the first CoD game in which you die that fast. I can't remember dying that fast in no other CoD titles prior to that one.


      With a game like Call of Duty, some things can't change and the damage needed to die is one of them. Fans are used to that and changing it drastically goes against the foundation of the game. If the developpers wanted it that way well this is how it should've been all the time... not after 10 years.



      What do you think about it guys?

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