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        20. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

        honestly ya ive noticed getting shot by like 1-2 shots and on the kc being hit by like 50 but im used to playing hardcore and core so im used to being 1 shot anyhow so i play to always get the first shot off

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          21. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

          well plenty of people of complained about this now im sure we'll see some kind of tone down in the next update as well as constant improvements to spawn systems as more people play and data becomes available to the developers.


          my biggest gripe is the overly complex maps .. the smaller maps are fine but some of the larger maps that have totally unused areas , there's no need . as for the dozen or so flank routes and overuse of over and under routes just leaves you feeling like you have no idea where the frontline is . then while you spending all your time trying to navigate these complex areas you get killed by someone because theres numerous doors and windows into one area thats impossible to enter and scan for threat all at the same time .

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            22. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

            Instead of moaning about any old shite, complain about something legit, like the connections being trash at the moment; barely enjoyable at the moment.

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              23. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

              In response to vims1990, here's what I wrote:


              "I suspect the latency (like you mentioned) to be highly responsible for these insta-kill issues sometimes."



              So I AM "moaning" about something legit here...

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                24. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                Accurate players with ranged weapons now have the upper hand and COD is more defensive.  Good.  So many rush monkeys on BO2 it was unreal.

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                  25. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                  Lag was causing issues like that in BO2.


                  The issue with this game is that you have no time to react whatsoever.  Most of the time you don't even know you are being shot at because your screen doesn't even turn red.


                  In a situation say where you are behind cover and poke out for a second to check your corners before moving positions.  When you poke out, an enemy is there and sees you.  In previous games, you would know you were being shot at and have the opportunity to poke back into your cover position.  In this game you don't have time to do that and you don't even get any indication that the other player is even hitting you.  You just drop dead.  It's like everyone has a sniper rifle in this game.

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                    26. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                    OK after playing about 3 hours worth of squads I can say this...


                    I really dont think its the game doing the fast dying. What I think it is is the latency causing the "timing " off..


                    Try playing Suads vs Squads. First of all cause its fun. Second of all the bots in that game actually play the game.


                    After about an hour of it you may not notice the fast dying anymore. After I played it for a while I was able to adapt to the "fast dying syndrome" and started pulling games like 17 to 4.


                    Its also possible but of course I cant see your setups that one unchanged class could be appearing to die faster, but thats just assumption.


                    There could also be an issue with the dedicated servers if they started finally open them up. But we have no word yes or no if they are using them right now. Only assumptions.


                    going back to play more squads.

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                      27. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread
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                        28. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                        It makes me feel better to get confirmation that I am not the only one. I was trying to find youtubers talking about it without much luck last night. I think it is probably as starbuckfrack says and down to latency a little bit. I know that a couple of times I got rocked by what seemed to be one or two bullets only to see the enemy fire 3 or 4 on the kill cam (I know kill cam is not an accurate representation of what happened)


                        It is a combination of whatever this is (latency, shorter TTK etc.) and the maps color palette that is frustrating the hell out of me. You die so quickly and it is so hard to see folks standing still that I am struggling to break even in most games (whereas I was close to 2.0 in BLOPS 2). Oh well....early days yet

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                          29. Re: The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

                          vims1990 wrote:


                          You may have not however being a regular here, I can assure you players here, on Twitter and YouTube complained about the "shooting first, dying first" issue often in BO2.


                          This "feature" is in this game too unfortunately, maybe they can adjust the connectivity and get it running better but at the moment the connection i get has these inconsistencies and deaths that are caused by lag.

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