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    I like this game...

      I really do.

      Netcode is miles better than MW3 and BO2. I've had a couple of dodgy games but that's it.


      While the maps are maybe a bit too big for 12 players they are excellent(for the most part).


      New game modes are fun. I especially like Cranked.


      I'm not saying this game is perfect. Snipers are well OP and just too easy to use. Insta-death is annoying.

      I don't like that the point streak system seems to favour people who run around killing rather than objective players - I play KC and you only get a point towards your streak for getting a kill! Confirming or denying a kill does nothing.


      BUT this game has only been out a couple of days. A bit of tweaking from IW could make it my favourite COD since MW2.


      I wonder how long before people come in with the usual "This game sucks! You suck!" comments...