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    Activate founder-code on this date, still possible?

      Hello everybody,


      I just got a sealed MW3 Collectors Edition for my birthday. My aunt gave me this, not knowing i allready own the game.

      I just bought the normal game a a year ago and Xbox Live Gold membership, also acticvated the elite membership to get all the DLC;s.


      So, that all was like a year ago. The thing is, with the CE i just got, theres this unused founder code.


      Is it possible to active this code now (november 2013) and get the founder-status on my MW3 account??

      Or is this code somehow connected to the CE and it doenst work on my account, wich is when i activated it a year ago, not assigned as a founder.


      Please help me out here!! I know there´s a COD website specially for redeeming the founder code, does this still apply to the day of today? Would like to know before i screw up my unused code somehow


      Many thnx!!!



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