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    why is this game full of people who sit it corners?

      this game is full of people who sit around and wait for someone to come in their line of site. it an awful game. In blackops 2 you would get a few campers but 90% of the time people would plat the objective and you could get your score streaks up . in ghosts 90 % of people are in corners its so frustrating when you spend £40 on a game and people just shoot you because you want to play the game properley.

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          Do you have a link to an official source that says run and gunning is the proper way to play and camping is outlawed?

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              Camping isn't outlawed but it should be. It's an absolutely pathetic and weak way to play this game. It's for little girls and boys who are afraid to ruin their KD. As if their KD really matters in life. They are usually horrendous players too and when you see them out in the open, you destroy them because they have no backbone and no skill. Just the worst type of COD play style. It's one thing to move cautiously and peek around corners. Or to hang out in a spot while reloading or regaining health. But when you sit in a dark corner and ADS at the only entrance, or lay down at the top of a hill with an IED behind you, it's cheap and the biggest amount of weak sauce ever. No other way to put it. Your awesome KD isn't going to get you more chicks, or win you some sort of award, or make your daddy proud. So suck it up and run around a bit. Even in cranked and kill confirmed kids play like that. I mean those two games were set up to prevent camping. I play Kill Confirmed and kids don't even pick up their tags because they're too busy sitting in a corner worrying about their 1.5 KD. I had a dude go 30-3 against my team the other day with 8 tags. Absolutely disgusting and pathetic.

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                  A Pig that flys

                  U MAD BRO!?! But seriously, camping is a legit tactic and it's been in Call of Duty since CoD4. There will never be anyway to wipe it out completely, nor will there ever be an end to it. I camp a lot, usually when I', low on health, but if I'm one or two kills off of my Helo Pilot or Loki, then I will sit in a corner, get a kill, move to a different corner/area of the map, and wait for another easy kill. If you're good at the game, and these campers have no skill, would it not be easy to just jump, spin, and shoot. I've done that atleast 100 times this last week since the games been out, and I've always gotten the kill. If you can't handle campers, then adapt to them. Play cautious, run deadeye with an smg, and whenever a camper tries killing you, turn around and kill them.


                  Crying about how bad you are won't help you get better...nor will it stop people like me from camping when I'm 2 kills away from my Loki or K.E.M. Strike

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                    LIFEB0Y wrote:


                    Camping isn't outlawed but it should be.


                    Play Cranked.

                    Check orners.

                    Try a new tactic.




                    Or be left behind.


                    Welcome to the world of first person shooters.

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                  There's a couple of reasons for it.  Number one the game is new and that means that the maps are new.  A good portion of the community sits in corners until they become familiar with the maps.  Stat protecting and all.  With the maps being more complicated I would imagine that it will be awhile before we see a reduction in the random corner camping.  The second reason would be these maps favor folks that have the patience to head glitch.  There is no Marksman perk in this game probably due to all of the TF complaints last year.  So now that we finally have large maps and could really use such a perk we don't have it.  I'm actually deciding which sight I'm going to equip just to make that tiny dark dot of a head a little more visible on the longer maps.  It will probably be one of the hybrids.  Once people figure out how to consistently pick off targets hiding at range and still be functional up close, I think that you'll see more movement.  I know that so far my only rushing success has been to do so in a pack of teammates with Marathon while flanking the edges.  The guys that are camping generally aren't prepared for a bum rush but I do need to dedicate a class to long range for those times where I don't have a pack to run with.  It's funny because we only have 3 classes to start out with, I'm actually at the point where I have to decide if an Attack Chopper or another Create A Class would be the most useful thing that I could have right now.  I've presently got more guns unlocked than I have classes.

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                    depends on the game mode, if your playing domination, or S&D and your sitting in a corner not capping flag, you should go drink some anitfreeze because your what we called in the infantry... a blue falcon. Now playing team deathmatch, finding a choke point or a good line of sight and getting kills is what that game is about. Playing TDM i'll try to lock a corner of a map down, moving between points.

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                      look it a war game u hv to work as a group so if there is camping the is the game war u try to win in any means u can so deal with it
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