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    Please patch Extinction to support Created Soldiers

      That is soo ******* STUPID!! You have all these great modes that you can use created soldier, IW went through the work of adding soldier creation options, yet you have to use a preset character in Extinction mode.....  but you can use your custom soldier in co-op modes like Safeguard.


      WTF.    They should have included Extinction mode in Squads instead of treating it like some story based separate mode type.   I don't care what the preset characters say, let people use THEIR OWN created soldier!!      I hate premade characters. 


      At this point I rather play Safeguard or Infected instead of Extinction.   What a waste of a mode they only got half right.  


      Please tell IW to patch Extinction to support created soldiers.   A lot of fans prefer their own personalized soldier.