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    please add Created Soldier support for Extinction mode, and a aliens version of Safeguard

      It really really sucks there are premade characters.   Extinction mode should have been a part of Squads so players can use their own created soldier like they can in modes like Safeguard.     I know they whipped up a separate class system and all for this, but Extinction from the beginning should have been developed with Created Soldier support in mind. 


      I mean Soldier Creation is one of the HUGE new features that a lot of personalized players enjoy.   It's lame that Extinction doesn't support it.    This is just an example how "story" can interfere with options and freedom of type of character players prefer to use.


      At this point I rather play Infected or Safeguard instead of Extinction.  And an aliens version of Safeguard would have been more fun, plus players would be able to use their own created soldier, and can set it to infinite enemies,  so overall it would be more fun co-op. 


      Please don't take this rant and advice for granted, Infinity Ward.   There's so much potential with these aliens you can expand upon in Squads, since Extinction is pretty much doomed, unless it can be patched to support Created Soldiers.   but the aliens really should get their own version of Safeguard too, so players can enjoy Sqafeguard against soldiers or aliens.