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    Create a Soldier

      Is it just me or there is no way to see how many points are left while creating a loadout. Is it pick 10 or
      pick 'X'?


      Also, the match summary box stays right above the map selection after game. I also noticed some maps being launched even if the other one was voted.

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          Re: Create a Soldier

          If you are talking about the perks, there is a bar underneath them that represents how many blocks you have available to use. I'm not sure if it's a pick 10 or what. Being that perks cost 1,2,3 etc. that goes along with the blocks available. The weapons and attachments are just slots common to all COD's.

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            Re: Create a Soldier

            you have 8 points for perks, weapons and tactical and lethals have no points but for each weapon and attachment and equipment you take off you get more points for perks i have everything off except primary with 2 attmachments so i get a lot of perks

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                Re: Create a Soldier

                Right. This makes no sense. I could remove secondary and have one more perk that means everything costs some point. however there is no indicator of how many points you have or how many left.

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                    Re: Create a Soldier

                    it works like this normally you have 8 points for perks


                    i choose perks that total up its points to 8 then i can take out the secondary and then i have 1 extra point for the perks so its like this


                    8 points for perks 1 extra for no secondary which i can spend on a perk that will cost me only one point so my perk point totals to 9


                    i can take my lethal and tactical equipment and now i have 2 more points towards my perks so i can select a perk that requires two points or two perks that require one point each to bring my perk total up to 11


                    this works exactly like black ops 2 except you always get 8 points to spend on your perks that cant go lower but for each thing you take off you increase an extra point which you can use to spend on the perks

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