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    Call of duty Ghosts IDEAS FOR IMPROVEMENTS

      I see a lot of posts with people complaining so I would like everyone to add all their problems or improvements here so that the developers can do something about it.


      1. I cannot download the Call of duty app on my phone even though I have the Nokia N97. Which also means I don't have the option to change my clang tag or manage my clan.
      2. Go back to Call of duty Elite. My clan has worked very hard just like most clan to get a gold clan tag.
      3. I want the option to disable the kill cam. As soon as i get killed, a black screen which is the kill cam screen appears. This is very annoying. No one really watches the kill cam. Make it optional.
      4. There is still a lot of lagging online
      5. Bring back demolition and capture the flag game mode.
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