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    i think im the only one who likes this game

      now that i have some guns unlocked and im getting used to the game im actually enjoying it. sure it has some problems but what call of duty hasn't had its problem. especially  since half the players want to hack or glitch the game to take advantage. the only I really don't like is i miss snd and hardpoint but overall im liking this game. if you don't like the game don't play it go to gta 5 or mw3 because nobody's forcing you to play it. and this game is defiantly a lot better than bo2. unless you like major lag a useless knife or rpg that hit someones feet and they don't die. if you arn't doing good try using different guns with different perk combos that's what i had to do till i found a couple combos that i liked. and for everyone saying they ruined quick scoping they didn't it now requires skill because they reduced the aim assist on snipers by a ton. over all i like this game and im pleased with it. im probably the only one but i like what they did.


      ps sorry for bad spelling and grammar i suck in writing things grammally correct

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