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        20. Re: Maps Force Camping

        MajorStains wrote:


        WiimotesRus02 wrote:


        I think I'll have this game at the weekend.

        Haha... you broke as easy as Humpty Dumpty snowboarding Everest, whilst on acid!


        You are as weak as the rest of those CoD crackheads...


        (ps, I might have picked up a certain light blue box from Game today )

        I would infact gone into town today to pick it up, unfotunately my back has gone again and I can hardly feel my leg, an old motor cycle injury come back to haunt me once again. Tomorrow hopefully will be different..

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          21. Re: Maps Force Camping

          I think most people seem to be moving around.  People need to get over the whole "camping" thing anyways.  This game actually has long lines of sight.  So if somebody is up in the window of a building sniping or bringing the rain with an LMG, thats not the same as somehow who sits in a dark corner waiting for someone to show up.  There are weapons that it makes sense to find high ground and do your work from there.  There are plenty of ways to move around these maps and get to these positions.  If you see someone in a building shooting out a window, find a path to come up behind them.  Corner camping is a pain, but I really dont see a ton of that so far.  The maps being so much bigger introduces some more strategy.  Run and gun doesnt work as well in most of these maps, you need to be more strategic.  The changes they made are for the better.  Less focus on killstreaks, sat coms are a phenomenal substitution for UAV's, and the larger maps have increased the amount of strategy required to play well.  This game has some very fundamental differences from previous COD games, isnt that a good thing?  I cant believe people would want to continue to play the exact same thing every year.  This is far from Battlefield, but its leaned that way a little.  COD has been pretty chaotic for quite a while, IW made some smart decisions to change and improve the experience.   

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            22. Re: Maps Force Camping

            People who complain about camping are usually people who get killed by camper AND do not possess the basic intelligence not to go into the same room. Most camper critics get killed multiple times, and I find that hilarious. I agree with a post up above---campers generally are not tactical and in fact are weaker players. But you returning to their spot to GIVE THEM KILLS only encourages to camp more.


            Agreed with many here, if you have the right loadout you will eliminate camping threats 90% of the time. If you're not...find somewhere else to go. There are a lot of places to go on these maps.

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              23. Re: Maps Force Camping

              It's the maps.

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                24. Re: Maps Force Camping

                I was just about to post the same thing. It's absolutely ridiculous. I understand there are different play styles - run/gun, tactical/strategy. But this sit in the corner nonsense is getting old and it's already turned off many players from continuing to play Ghosts. For those that like to camp, they are in heaven! Just ask the [OFC] and [BCC] clans.


                It's not about bullet damage, it's only about maps. I know the maps were big because: (1) they were small/cqc in BO2, (2) they want to compete w/ Battlefield, (3) they were designed for more players in game modes that will be on other systems. That's all great, but what they didn't think about were all the scared little kids who sit in corners waiting for someone to go across their ACOG sights and then brag about how high their KDR is. They didn't think about how each game has high scores of 30 or 40 in team death match. There should be no camping in Hardcore whatsoever, but it's a plague there. And there are so many corners, you can't check them all. I will admit freely when I get killed in a legit manner. But this scared camping nonsense? They are the only ones "earning" (LMAO) the upper scorestreaks. Great job IW!


                I've said many times that I wish there was a game mode, called, I don't know, "Real Man Warfare" where anyone that sits in one spot without a sniper rifle for more than 30 seconds dies automatically. I would play the hell out of that mode.


                AND all Ghosts is doing is creating MORE campers. Some like to defend camping. Here's your answer: if everyone camped - what would the game play be like? Exactly, right...there wouldn't be any.

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                  25. Re: Maps Force Camping

                  Something like a "30 second still limit" that lights you up on the map. Sit still for 30 seconds and your location is broadcast for all to see and hunt you down like the camping dog you are. Maybe if you move, I don't know, like 30 feet every 30 seconds it keeps you clean. Sort of like the ghost mode worked in BO2. As long as your moving your not visible.

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                    26. Re: Maps Force Camping

                    Ask OFC? There are so many of us that run and gun, I'm one of them, infact I do both. But I don't even consider myself a camper as I patrol a certain part of a map and only stay in one place if I suspect someone is coming after me from a certain direction, so I'll lay in wait so to speak and try and surprise them. Thats when you hear the trash talk, f'in camper and the like. Let them think what they want, I couldn't care less any way, but I would like you to ellaberate that comment for my own curiosity please, because everyone else in my clan cares even less than I do what people think. We play as a team, as in, TEAM death match..

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                      27. Re: Maps Force Camping

                      Exactly - only lights up when you are still...that would be amazeballs.

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                        28. Re: Maps Force Camping

                        I know you don't know me, but sometimes speak in an overgeneralizing tone when I don't mean to. I know not EVERY single person in a clan does indeed camp. But the majority? Hell yeah. From BO2 to Ghosts, [OFC] camps like crazy. And I understand what you mean...patrolling an area is not camping, sniping is not camping, controlling a spawn as a team is not camping. I get that and I prefer that type of strategic play if I can't run and gun. When I refer to camping I mean crouching or laying prone in one position through the course of 4 minutes or more. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but everyone knows [OFC] and it's why they have the nickname "Only F*cking Camp". For a year or more I've been hearing that. That said, no, I haven't played with everyone in that clan so there is a good chance not everyone does - I'm just talking about my experience. I left a game an hour ago because 2 OFC guys were camping. And for the record, I was VERY vocal in chastising people in my own clan who camped, used target finder, or OP pistols. I have no problem calling them out in a lobby as well.

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                          29. Re: Maps Force Camping

                          And I bet I know who gave us those knicknames, and if you choose to go along with that then thats entirely up to you. I only know of 3 maybe 4 members of our huge clan that play in the style you just genaralised our whole clan, and it must have been your misfortune to play those same people if you think thats how our whole clan play. I can remember playing you on more than one time, liked your style and sent a friend request which you accepted, I only saw you once after that and by then unfriended me, but I finished that game by getting the final kill on you, by running, you even texted me saying something like, nice shot to the knees, but I'm telling you, we don't all sit in corners. But on another note, when you buy the game for every one on your team, only then as the owner, do you have the right to tell someone how to play. Try telling me how to play and you'll soon hear what I would say lol

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