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        40. Re: Maps Force Camping

        Don't take offence fiss, because I actually like you, but you know what people kept saying to me because of the crap connection and my broken wiimote? Adapt!!

        Last Edited: Nov 8, 2013 5:01 PM
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          41. Re: Maps Force Camping

          That you were a wii remote n00b and a lag warrior?


          Not really much I could adapt to having to go at a flag solo with a 6 enemies surrounding me while my teammates sat in the back of the map. Some people think I'm just a kill whore who doesn't play obj. Earlier I got like 40 kills and 10 flag caps and still lost. .-. These maps make it hard to carry a team because you can't be everywhere at once like past games.

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            42. Re: Maps Force Camping

            For some reason I keep thinking you're Pauly .-------------------.

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              43. Re: Maps Force Camping

              Yep, i'm the lag warrior, what ever that is

              Last Edited: Nov 8, 2013 5:17 PM
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                44. Re: Maps Force Camping


                Of or relating to a video game, mostly Call of Duty.
                Someone who excels in a game solely based on their internet connection.
                aka The mexicans who skipped across my screen in BO2 because of their 1/2 bars making them impossible to shoot.


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                  45. Re: Maps Force Camping

                  Ive learned anyone that complain about camping lack brains. Even pacing back and forth through a decently large sized area of the map is considered camping. oh PLEASE people are so....sigh freaking zombies..not people.

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                    46. Re: Maps Force Camping

                    Well I guess i'm no warrior then, didn't matter how many bars I had the connection seemed the same to me. Any how, you guys should play hardcore, played my first games tonight and hardly saw any campers. Finding the game hard so far in terms of I don't know where I am on these maps, and my wiimote needs some fine tuning, but all in all it works well. Having some framerate issues and had a match with some people who we just couldn't touch, but I like it. Dogs are a pain, they always are, but yeah, I like this game..

                    Last Edited: Nov 9, 2013 5:04 PM
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                      47. Re: Maps Force Camping

                      Dogs either need less health or bumped up in pointstreak points.

                      Last Edited: Nov 9, 2013 8:18 PM
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                        48. Re: Maps Force Camping

                        To balance dogs:


                        1. Reduce their movement speed by about 10%

                        2. Give them footstep sounds

                        3. Have them kill you when they touch you, not when they are still a metre away

                        4. Give them at least a 1 second reaction time to enemy presence to prevent turning a corner and instantly being killed.


                        Their health can stay the same if these changes are made.

                        Last Edited: Nov 10, 2013 12:50 AM
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                          49. Re: Maps Force Camping

                          If I have one complaint its the dog, I just watched my son kill a guy and then he gets killed by his dog and the match ends. Getting killed by a bot which effectively isn't a kill streak I don't think is fair, and these dogs are hard to kill once they come after you. They're a bit like a long distance knife lunge, you think you're able to kill them, then they've killed you from a stupid distance, I hope something is done about that. So far though, concentrating on the maps, I haven't found much else wrong. I was effectively playing in second chance mode myself lastnight, with chronic back pain I had to resort to taking some morphine pills, maybe that's why things seemed very smooth

                          Last Edited: Nov 10, 2013 3:16 AM
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