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        50. Re: Maps Force Camping

        Commando knife lunge with painkiller on .---.

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          51. Re: Maps Force Camping

          yea with these big maps they should increase the player cap from 12 to 18 at least for dom.

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            52. Re: Maps Force Camping

            I don't know if it forces camping so much as people just choose to camp because the suck.  It's much easier to get a kill when you're hiding in a corner and waiting for someone to walk by.  People camp all the time in Black Ops 2.  Not so much at first but in the last couple of months it seems like the campers just exploded in Black Ops 2.  I guess the difference is I know the maps so well that it doesn't matter.  The maps were different than past COD games in BLOPS2, and they took time to learn, but you eventually knew where to look and knew what people would do.  Like on Turbine.  If I spawned at the back of the map near the bridge it was guaranteed that I could run up just past the bridge, crouch on that rock where I can't get sniped from the Turbine, and pick at least one person off as they ran into the turret building on the other side of the map.  Happened every match without fail.


            This game it's far more difficult because of the maps, but that's also because we don't know them that well yet.  I think I finally played all the maps (not too sure, but I just played Prison Break for the first time yesterday).  So I don't know them as well.  They also have way more lanes to cover, plus multiple levels with multiple lanes, and they're so large that you have to be careful not to get sniped just while you're checking an area.  (Also if a sniper decides to camp then good for him.)  You just have to be really careful.  Although you can't really do much if some douche is hiding in a corner in one of 10 buildings.  That's just a b*tch move.  Checking corners doesn't matter when the lag isn't on your side, but checking corners will become easier when you know the map so well that you know all the angles to check.  It will get better with time.  Until then, campers crouching in corners is just going to be annoying. 

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              53. Re: Maps Force Camping

              Says the guy who used to worm camp ALL the time in BO2, LOL. I don't think anyone would consider patrolling an area to be camping. Fairly certain the only gripes that are made is about corner campers too scared to come out and play.

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                54. Re: Maps Force Camping

                Okay, man. I've encountered about 6 OFC guys and all but one camped - bringing the total to about 8 campers I've dealt with. I'm not talking about patrolling areas. I'm talking about crouching in a corner and waiting for some one to cross their sight. So...at what point do we see OFC members who don't camp? Is it just lazy americans that are doing it and the UK players are not?

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                  55. Re: Maps Force Camping

                  Yeah something like that lol. I'll say this though, if any of them could be bothered to come on this forum, they'll all say they couldn't give a rats what anyone thinks.

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                    56. Re: Maps Force Camping

                    The new maps certainly do require a more reserved approach to the game.

                    If it's run and gun you want, then get your backside over to cranked. That is just insanely hideous, perfect for the runners.

                    My view on the whole camping view has been told many a time...

                    If you were ever unfortunate enough to get dropped into a war zone, would you A: charge around like a headless chicken pumped up on goofballs or B: run for cover and employ some basic strategy? I know which 'camp' I fall into.


                    My biggest gripe about the maps is the lack of realism.

                    I mean Stonehaven is as good as any Call of Duty map I have ever seen, but it is the lack of detail that let's it down. Seriously, have you ever been to a Castle with no gift shop??? And where's the overpriced café?

                    Sloppy programming if you ask me

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                      57. Re: Maps Force Camping

                      I'll bet you £10 what the reply will be, my answer is in your private message inbox

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                        58. Re: Maps Force Camping

                        Sounds painful...I think you shot me in my private inbox last night.

                        joking aside, I can't even find my inbox on this stupid site anymore...

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                          59. Re: Maps Force Camping

                          I'm with you on that war zone mentality. The fist thing I do when I spawn is try to find some cover to reconnoiter my surroundings. And I am tired of getting called a camper just because I'm moving around in the shadows and not out in the open. I was following a rushing teammate yesterday, and he got blasted running through a door. I ducked in a corner and waited for the assassin to come through the door, and when I killed the little squeaker I got called at $%*)& camper.


                          In short, my opinion is that any yahoo that runs around in the open thinks everybody else is a camper, and a lot of people think if they don't see their assailant that he must be a camper. It's a subjective assessment.

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