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    Do I like Ghosts...?

      Wow, Ive never been on a forum and not been sure if I like the new cod or not, I always feel at home with it, and know that little gripes will be ok.

         .....Not so sure this time. This cod feels wierd, strange, and empty. Its maybe the lack of important rapid info on screen that i knew i would hate. It annoys me when my mate says I just shot him, and my reply is..."oh did I?" No one knows whats going on anymore. Its the only fps without the centre screen "you killed" tag, and the game seems to have forgotten the small things that make the gameplay better.

                     And then there the maps...mmm, im going to give them a go, but many look the same, and the graphics look iffy on some, good on others. some vehicles look good, others look painted and shocking compared to mw3. And big? Well i say big, but it wouldnt be so bad if they werent a mass of interior mazes. Stonehaven and whiteout however are large, but open so sightlines are long and opponents can be found quickly, they are easily my favourite maps of the game.

                       I want to see what ghosts looks like on xbox one because I want to like it, I love that you can play robot freeforall, i love that! but the lack of hardpoint, hud info and simple to navigate medium maps some eye catching artwork, im tempted to hive it a miss...sad for iw.