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    Quick Scoping

      anyone else feel that quick scoping aim assist is well overpowered im getting shot by bullets that are no where near me. its like snipers have the secret wanted perk able to curve bullets

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            Quickscoping is not nearly as OP in ghost as it was in CoD BO2. Stop ******** and be happy that its not as easy.

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              there is no aim assist cry baby.

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                  just because you cant turn the auto aim off it dosnt mean its not in the game, havnt you noticed your sights automatically starts following someone because its happened to me and rest of clan plenty of times.

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                  According to what I have heard is that sniper rifles dont have aim assist.


                  If you are getting shot from a different bullet location , thats called lag.

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                    yes quick scoping is still an issue, i loaded bullets into someone around 3 ft away and got classic quick scoped like bo2 then he took 3 people out under 5 secs from roof top without proper aiming.

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                      Sniper rifles are starting to dominate regular mode. For the first day or two you'd mostly hear automatic weapons firing during sessions of TDM.


                      Last night, during TDM, the primary sound of gunfire was the "POW!" of sniper rifles.  Players have figured out the right combination of perks and attachments to enable "Quick Drag Scoping" during which they get one-hit-kills without having to aim in fully or actually aim-in on the target. My son and his friend have been doing it and say it's really easy.


                      It makes Ghosts one dimensional since there's only one competitive setup at that point for regular mode: the sniper rifle. Nothing can compete with it at any range since it kills faster and more easily than any other loadout.


                      I don't believe they'll change this feature since kids enjoy it.  For the rest of us, there's always HC mode in which the weapons are more balanced. 


                      If you disagree then just listen to the sounds of battle in core mode this weekend. You'll mostly hear the Pow Pow Pow of sniper rifles.