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    Squad Reports Xp Bonus Cap Reached

      So i hit cap i guess and that is fine, save for the fact that i have no clue how to use my bonus xp, i love this game but the lack of information is dumbfounding. So in short anyone know how to use the bonus Xp time i have collected form squads?

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          What is this bonus XP that you speak of?  You get like 2000 or so XP for playing a squads game period.  Anything over that, you don't get to keep, it just goes into the XP bucket of disappearing never to be seen again.

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            I know what it is you mean, but I think it's an error in the way the report is displayed rather than anything usable.
            magis123 is right, the bonus cap is just something that stops you owning the bots and ranking up too rapidly; which is a shame because the squads mode is capable of giving you a game that is just as challenging as the multiplayer mode.

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                I think these are valid points, but what throws me off is that it states my bonus in days, hours, and minutes (if I recall correctly, I don't have it in front of me at the moment).  It shows my current bonus as capped at 2 hrs 0 minutes.  I seem to have received 30 minutes per win, until I reached this "cap."  It seems like there should be a way to use that bonus of 2 hrs, otherwise why state the times?  Some of these matches are very fast and wouldn't justify 30 mins worth of xp granted to my squad, nor do I notice any significant increases in my squad member xp while I'm offline.


                I agree with the OP, the lack of information they've provided to explain any of this is irritating.  When I originally saw the bonus xp cap, I thought maybe it was a way to earn double xp for 30 mins per win to be used in multiplayer matches.  I haven't seen any sort of way to use it though, so apparently that was a wrong assumption.  I still look at it as something that accrues and is intended to be used because every win I get still says I'm capped at 2 hours, no apparent changes at all.  Maybe it is just an error in the way they're displaying this info and they need to fix it, but until more information is given or they change things this will continue to bother me.  I can't help but feel like I'm not using the system efficiently.

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                i've been playing squads alot since this started, what mode are you playing in order to reach this double bonus xp?


                squad vs squad? wargame? etc

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                  i've been wondering the same thing but what i did notice is once i hit the cap i played multiplayer for a bit and the next day i checked my squads and two more games had been played while i was offline. these two games both received the 30 mins bonus xp. so i assume it automatically uses it while u play. this is just a guess tho.

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                    On another note i did look at a player guide book at wal-mart and it gives 1 page of squad info and it's all just general saying in short, this is squads it' cool test it out... so again lack of any useful info. Thanks for all the comments by the way.

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                      Here is what I have gathered from my time playing squad mode.

                      1. You get 30 min of XP bonus time every time your squad is challenged in squad assault. Does not matter if your squad wins or looses. You do not have to be online for this to happen. I assume 2 hours is the limit right now.
                      2. The bonus XP time you earn is used when you play in squad mode: Wargame, Assault, Squad Vs. Squad, or Safeguard. It does not carry over to the online multiplayer mode. If a match lasts 5 minutes it uses up 5 minutes of bonus XP time.
                      3. The bonus XP you gain seems to be about 10% per action. Example: in wargame a kill in team deathmatch will get you +110 instead of the usual +100. Capture a domination point +165 instead of +150.
                      4. You are capped to around 2000 XP a game in all squad modes. When you reach the cap while playing it will tell you "Squad XP limit reached" or something like that. You will stop getting XP for every kill, capture, assist, etc. It is easy to tell when you reach the cap because when you kill someone you will not see the +100 pop up upon their death.
                      5. I have not seen my squad characters level up on their own when my squad is challenged in squad assault.

                      This is what I have figured out so far. Hope this helps.

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                          Those are almost all spot on from what I have been writing down, and the other way you can tell when you hit the Max XP is you get a random care package.  Squads seems, at this point, to be the best way to earn Squad Points.  Although I think EVERYTHING is ridiculously overpriced in the game and am just waiting to see the microtransaction in the store where you can buy squad points, watch it is coming.    

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                            Are you sure about the cap?  I note that I reach max XP in game, but in the post game summary it says I earned more than 2000 (not much more, but def more than 2000)


                            Maybe it is simply the 2000 (max cap) + match bonus?

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                                You normally on average get between 2070-2170 for a full match where you have met the maximum in game XP.  I think you might be right RLBL but I don't think you get the full match bonus just a part of it.  I have seen a match bonus of >1000XP and only came out of that match with 2170 XP.  I think it has to do with the algorithms they have in place for making sure you do not munchkin your character up through levels in just squads mode.

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                              I think the Cap should be increased by at least 50% but should actually be doubled. That would make it more fair for those that actually do good as well so that they don't waste their time doing stuff to finish the match for no extra XP.

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                                the first i have to say that i am from germany and my english is....bad because i´m over 10 years out of school :-P


                                i have spend my SP on the first day to my 3SP soldiers and played squad vs squad + challenge matches (friendlist+reecend players) in the next 5-7 days my squad have 5 victory´s then 4..... 5 again and what ever...

                                so i played wargame and reached round 20 (thats in single player mode 235 kills ) !

                                i´ve get every wargame squad escape on round 20  16.000-18.000 xp (after lev20 / one and an half level up)

                                now i´m on worldranking "256" in wargame and i played the multiplayer matches+wargame last week ,

                                more then squad assaults !

                                now i´ve look at my SQ-Reports and my squad loosed 5on5 games

                                my soldiers are  3onLev 10-14 +Lev60+20 ..........

                                at the last 4 hours ive played wargame again and ive get only 6.000-8.000 xp after round 20 and 235 kills !


                                (so i think that u "only earn this bonus 30 min XP" for one of the 1-5 report matches when ur squad win the AI games(victory)


                                and i´ve watched at my soldiers when they in a game with my own....

                                i see that they play not good when i didnt played squad vs squad games with them ...4 example

                                ------ my sqaud loosed matches with a lev 10 member and only lev 1 teammates....

                                (they camp...did´nt see enemys ,sit in my back and wait 4 my own moves--- gay squad´s___LoL)


                                and don´t give a sniper a MP or Assault weapon....

                                i think they play better when they fight with weapons 4 that their soldier loadout is made 4 !


                                sorry 4 my english guy´s but i hope u understand what i mean and i hope i can help a little with this.