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    Why make it so complicated ?

      Why would they change the whole perk and loadout section?


      They complicated the crap out of everything and then dont even tell us how to use it!!??


      And then..dont you think once you unlock the red dot..you should have it unlocked for every gun no matter the class its in!!??


      Its new, its fun..but it is frustrating at times...would like to know what they were thinking


      getting off soap box now

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          Re: Why make it so complicated ?

          We all wanted change so that is what they did they just listened to the mass opinion

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              Re: Why make it so complicated ?



              When I saw the perk list before the game came out I thought it was a little daunting and a little ridiculous. Thinking about it for a little bit I must say that it's better than having a perk like Assassin Pro or SRP which did so much. I do wish they copied the system used by blops2 which I liked more.


              Other than that and some crazy spawns I have very few irks (I wouldn't even really call them complaints). There doesn't seem to be enough unlocked as far as weapons go and I'd hate to unlock something I don't want when it takes so long to level up.


              My only other issue is with Squads. I haven't had any time until now to put in a good session of MP so I've been playing Squads which is fun. The only issue I have with it is that TDM dominates the holy hell out of it. I think since release I've played around 30 games. Of the 30 I have only played 4 that weren't TDM and three of those were either Dom or KC...the last being Cranked. You would think that the new modes should take up at least half the games.

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