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    Ghosts causing crashing?

      Has anyone else had any problems with Ghosts causing multi-player or campaign play to freeze your PS3?


      I can play a multi-player game, but upon completion of the match, the game freezes my PS3 at the post match score screen.


      The game also freezes the PS3 during the campaign mode. Not sure if this is a frequent problem or something that is fixable. I have two PS3's and it has done it to both of them..


      Any solutions?

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          Do a google search and see about cleaning the Bluray disk lens. Also, check your disk for any scratches.

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            I am so glad I found someone else who is experiencing this issue. My PS3 loads into multilayer, lets me start a match, then randomly freezes! IT IS NOT THE BLUE RAY READER!!!! I put my black ops II in and it plays just fine. Same with all of my other games. I brought the disc back to the retailer they gave me another one and the same thing happens!! I will be bringing the disc back yet again this afternoon! No where on any of the forums is anyone talking about this! There is no news release about it even being an issue! Ugh it's double XP weekend and I am beyond frustrating!! Please let me know if you find anything helpful!!

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              Glad to know I'm not the only one. I don't think it's the BLU Ray disc reader either, all of my other games play just fine. Even campaign mode is playable for a few missions, then it locks up and freezes again.


              I'm assuming maybe it's a bad batch of discs or something else could be causing this.. ?

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                It happened with the bad  MW3 discs when that game came out also,Same Dev....coincidence??? And NO IT IS NOT THE BLU-RAY LENS! my 500GB "Super slim" PS3 is only 6 months old and it never happened until I got a used copy of MW3 at gamestop and I googled it and sure enough it was Infinity wards bad discs. I watched blu-ray dvds and played black ops 2 and some other games with no issue what so ever. And now with ghosts it's happening again...It has only happened once so far but it did completely freeze my ps3 to the point where it reboot itself. It hasn't happened more often because this game is unplayable as it is. Hopefully the patches come quick and actually fix the issues

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                  The same thing is happening to me on multiplayer as well your ps3 is not over heating it is not the blu ray reader on some ps3's it works on others it doesn't. Until they release an update for the game it will continue to do this. I downloaded the game off the psn store and it didnt work, i re-downloaded it 3 times, opened my ps3 cleaned it, format my entire ps3 and nothing work..ive decided to just sell the game and get a ps4 if the same thing occurs ill move on to an xbox.

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                    So essentially I paid $60 for an unplayable game until they decide to release a patch?


                    That's fun, kudos to Treyarch

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                      F#%K, just answered this question in great detail and then it deleted.


                      Anyway, here is a possible solution:

                      Delete the GAME DATA UTILITY -- NOT THE SAVED DATA UTILITY


                      Jump through the hoops again and you should be good to go--work for me . . . .so far


                      Good Luck

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                        I deleted the Game Data Utility and was able to get into a multiplayer match and upon completion of the match, the game freezes up on the post match score screen.  Ugh.. what a useless game..

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                          Oh and I have two different PS3's that play all my other games fine, however Ghosts is the one that doesn't work on either PS3.

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                              Yea like I said it's IW games that make ps3's crap out....I stopped playing MW3 for the same reason. I had hoped that the patches would fix a lot of issues but I don't see that happening any time soon. The only listen to "pro gamers" thats why they are bringing back SND but of course the regular people like me had to suck it up. Pro gamers get to chose what weapons to buff/nurf but it's s shame that devs still ignore the input of people who play their games for the love and fun not just for a paycheck at a gaming tournament or event. I will still not say I hate the game even though I rage quit and say "F*ck this game I hate this sh*t" when I play it although for the time being I do strongly believe is it unplayable because it is unenjoyable. I have found that the best games I had at least in having fun was finding a couple people that played as a team and liked to communicate because with this game thats really important so if anyone doesn't care about their k/d and just want to have fun and likes to communicate hit me uo psn: Zombiecan-KCCO-   My k/d in Black ops 2 is 1.77 and I just had a couple of games with 38-8  48-12 but in ghosts that damn near impossible

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                              Make sure your PS3 has lots of airflow round it, they generate a lot of heat. The biggest problem PS3's have is meltdown by heat. The freezing could be a symptom of that problem.  I have a small house fan blowing at mine when I use it, I've never had a freeze up on it.

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                                This is from your PS3 heating up while playing the disc version.

                                I have the digital version and it runs great.

                                Never freezes at all.

                                Disc games are the only ones that freeze up sometimes for me.


                                The ps3 slim was poorly designed.

                                I took mine apart to let it vent better.

                                Also cut out part of the bottom to help my harddrive cool down better.

                                The way things were setup on the inside is stupid.

                                My PS3 works great and has no more overheating/freezing issues.

                                Warranty is voided though lmao.

                                I don't care since PS3 is outdated anyways now.

                                Only playing it until I get an Xbox One.

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                                  You can try this following steps:
                                  Delete all the game ghosts content on your "Game Data Utility", then delete your gaming profile and restart your console.

                                  Then run the game and process downloading the update.

                                  That helps me in my issues.
                                  Hope that would work in your end.