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    Call of Duty: Ghosts PC First Patch - The Wishlist

      All  PC gamers out there want Infinity Ward to fix & add the following in the upcoming first patch of this game :

      1. Remove stutter in game and menu
      2. Remove mouse lag (not as smooth as in Black Ops2)
      3. Remove aimbot when player plugs in their Xbox360 controller
      4. Remove the "Your windows performance is slower than expected" pop-up
      5. Remove 6GB of RAM minimum restriction (allows player with slow PC to play)
      6. Remove cap on 90FPS max
      7. Fix create a soldier. (Many can't play Multiplayer because they don't have an unlocked soldier.)
      8. Fix random crash during gameplay
      9. Fix memory leak
      10. Fix texture glitch
      11. Fix loading time
      12. Fix Alt-Tab
      13. Fix fps drop when looking through a scope when sniping
      14. Fix game launch time (took too long for the splash picture to show up)
      15. Fix "Lost connection to host" (a new host should be picked)
      16. Fix Set Priority from High to Normal (Black Ops 2's default is Normal)
      17. Fix chat text (it should be on top of Scoreboard not under it when match ends)
      18. Fix chat restriction in the last few minutes of the match (for last minute talking)
      19. Fix spawn system (I don't want my enemy spawn right behind me when I just pwned him)
      20. Add ping/latency indicator (number is best, bars is fine)
      21. Add a FOV slider ( or allow the FoV Changer)
      22. Add Show FPS in-game
      23. Add support for SLI/CrossFireX
      24. Add view Player Steam page (same like Black Ops 2 so we can add him/her to friend list)


      Wishlist from www.mapmodnews.com

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