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    Controller Dispute.

      I am really tired of everyone complaining about Wii Mote Vs. DA. Really I don't care so stop arguing about it! The forums are not for arguing. I personally use DA because I enjoy using them more  (not because its easy or hard), but I have used the Wii Mote back when I played the Wii. The thing I get upset at is all the Wii Mote fanboys who say DA users have no skill, but in our eyes you guys don't have skill. Its all a matter of opinion, but really I hope they drop support for Wii Motes. Why you may ask? Well its simple the Wii U was designed to use DA not Wii Motes ( It has Wii Mote support I understand that, and I also know some games still support it), but the Wii U should only be played with DA in my honest opinion. I mean your console comes with a controller that uses DA so why use the Wii Mote? I mean if you didn't have the Wii Mote would you buy the console and then buy a Wii Mote just to play COD? I just think if anyone should be losing controller support it should be Wii Mote users. All other consoles don't support Wii Motes and that's not a bad thing. Having 2 different controller options that are so vastly different doesn't work that well and strikes upsets and problems in the community! I personally leave games if I play against a Wii Mote user since they are horrible to play against. Its almost impossible to play against them because its so much easier to aim a Wii Mote ( I don't want to hear anyone say it isn't I had used one through the Wii lifespan). Its also not fair how much room Wii Motes have to aim ( this is really hard to explain). I just cant stand playing against people who use Wii Motes in COD! Its not the primary controller anymore so stop using it! Its like using a controller on a PC to play COD, Its unfair for both Mouse and Keyboard users and Controller users, as is using a Wii Mote on a Wii U to play COD it is unfair for both Wii Mote and DA users. So please either stop complaining or give up Wii Motes, that is the simple solution!

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          1. Re: Controller Dispute.

          Oh cry me another river. Its not the console that has wiimote support, its the game. And for the record, nintendo also makes games for the U with wiimote support so don't expect them to be dropped anytime soon. Also for the record, I made a post a while back asking who used what controller in bo2, wanna take a wild guess which one out numbered the other??

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            2. Re: Controller Dispute.

            I really never understood why if you were going to play DA you just don't go with another console. I bought the Wii U specifically to play COD with a Wii mote. On a FPS, motion controls are much more immersive.

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              3. Re: Controller Dispute.

              Games with full wiimote support





              Smash, not confirmed but im 99% sure.

              I could go on and on.

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                4. Re: Controller Dispute.

                Gamepad. Just stop.

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                  5. Re: Controller Dispute.

                  Wii Remote fanboys? Whaaa...?? There's more DA "fanboys" complaining if anything. And just from making this thread, you are causing more of a dispute kid.The DA's have the same AA as on Xbox/PS3. It was purposely decreased on all consoles, they learned that on BO2 AA was too strong. Not just the Wii U. And "drop support for wiimote." lmao you do know that the Wii remote was in all cod titles on Wii ever since cod3. Not mw3, cod3, before there was even multiplayer. Its the reason why it was innovative and made the Wii U and Wii unique. DA's were introduced during BO1, while Wii Remote was always in the cod titles. Thats the dumbest and most absurd thing I've heard on these forums to "drop Wii remote support." And why would you leave a lobby if your playing against someone using a Wii Remote...that just shows that your just a bad player. On BO2 we could do the same thing against DA player since their AA Tug on weapons especially on Sniper Rifles, were so strong. But we aren't cowards, we just coped with it. Stop complaining, and just play the game. If you can't play with Wii remote players, don't play on the Wii U at all. Simple.

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                    6. Re: Controller Dispute.

                    You're right Bobby and I've said it before too, introducing a multi control scheme is what started to kill this game and divide the wii community. And I think the only way there will be true balance is if there was a decent wiimoter in the dev team as I'm sure there isn't..

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                      7. Re: Controller Dispute.

                      To make it fair if anything, Disabled AA TUG on DA's and Disable ADS Snap on Wii remote. Both COMPLETELY GONE. On MW3 Wii nobody complained about AA on DA's or AA on Wii Remote...because there wasn't any, so each controller wasn't overpowering the other. Plus adding a DA controller to Wii/Wii U was additional. Wii Remote was always in the cod titles. The only thing that people complained about on AA in MW3 was the ACOG Sniping with Wii Remote. And I agree, that should have never been added to that game. But if it was out, there would be no complaints between controllers.

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                        8. Re: Controller Dispute.

                        There are good players that use DA and other equally good players who use IR controls.  Pick your poison and man up when someone is better than you.  You will get killed by both control schemes, so quit ********. 

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                          9. Re: Controller Dispute.

                          I am really tired of everyone complaining about Wii Mote Vs. DA. Really I don't care so stop arguing about it! The forums are not for arguing.

                          Is a great start to any post on these forums, well done you.



                          But then you go and say something like this...

                          all a matter of opinion, but really I hope they drop support for Wii Motes.


                          And you didn't really expect an argument to ensue?


                          Oh, my aching sides!!!

                          That's a good one man. You have a gift for comedy. It's all in the timing they say.

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