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    Leaderboard Hackers

      I'm sorry but the leaderboard hackers are starting to pi*s me off now, i don't understand why they haven't been reset and banned yet there is over 1000 people who have hacked in. Its a new game and it doesn't feel like infinity ward are doing anything about it surely its a 10 min job to remove the people who obviously hacked maybe a little harder for those who have hacked and made it look legit but 100,000,000 score in 1 hours takes the pi*s !!!! @infinityward

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          Not all of them are hacking, there are public modded lobbies that matchmaking will put you into and you have no idea unless you pay really close attention or after the match when suddenly you are level 60 with a score in the millions. They need to go after the people making these lobbies not the innocent bystandards.

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            Reporting them will do nothing there modders learn about the modding community there on Dex they RTM.... They cant be banned and if they do its because they are stupid and dont no how to RTM properly... Its stealth... Activision needs to put more hack protection and support ... Nothing else will stop them not any update they release can stop them from finding the new offsets they changed... Go and report them.. But i bet in a year you will see them playing again... Not even PSN can ban them... They get Console ID's they unban them selfs ...., I would know all about this i've done it..... Not anymore but its time for them to fix this

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              The leaderboard issue is being investigated it is harder than you guys think to just fix them because of all these score hackers ruined it. I hate the way the leaderboards are too but a little patience will do us all good.

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                IW's leaderboards are always hacked. Their leaderboards are pointless anyways. Their leaderboards are overall score which is stupid. Being at the top doesn't mean you are good. It just means you play the most. Treyarch on the other hand knows how to do leaderboards and stats with the combat record

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                  how this when the new xbox one gets released IW needs to reset Everyone for a fresh start and the leaderboards so no one is ahead and no one is saying that they were in a modded lobby i understand there are alot of people saying that the modded lobbys are making people rank up to fast which iv played call of duty since release of call of duty 2 so i know how it feels to over rank and this is another reason to reset everyone when they fix it

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                    The game is much more fun if you don't worry about the leader board, imo...

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                      HHonestly I'm kind of glad maybe the nerds will stop working about kd and score a bit more


                      tthen again I feel sorry for thOSS who played the objective  

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                        I know this is obvious but I'll state it anyway. The leaderboards aren't hacked. The leaderboards are reflecting players that took part in hacked or modded lobbies on purpose and also unknowingly.


                        This should be taken very seriously. Its much more important to the quality of the game than just being being pushed 1,000 spots down the leaderboard.


                        I personally think its extremely important IW does a thorough job of trying to trace the source of these lobbies. And equally important that players that entered these lobbies by accident are abolished of any wrong doing and profile stats restored.


                        Whether any of this is possible, I don't know. But I'ld give IW some time to try to work it out. Try to be patient and pray you don't accidentally enter one of these lobbies