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      Everyone I know misses the old game modes. (Demolition, CTF, HQ, etc.) I like the new game modes but demolition was mine and a lot of other peoples favorite. Are they just going to put it in later so we have to play the new game modes or is there just going to only be 2 or 3 fun game modes now? Also Whats with the damage in this? anyone else notice you drop in this like its HC?

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          Demolition was the best Multiplayer game mode especially if you want to get a lot of kills. And they don't have tac insert which sucks even more. This game blows. Worst COD since COD 5 WAW....

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            II'm so bummed. Just got it for ps4 and im pretty pissed they took out demo and the fun party games like sticks and stones.

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              Hi there! I feel you buddy and I know how you feel. As an avid fan of COD, I like that idea of having it for Ghosts. I wish the parties may be able to consider your thoughts or any feedback about that. In my opinion, I find the game great. Some say it's good and I understand if I hear any bad impression with it but, I still love because it's COD . As far as I know, the developers are trying their best to add up features or game modes for the game (e.g. Reinforce, Drop Zone and others). I hope that our voices will be heard by them and hopefully consider on how the overall COD community feels about this as well.