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    Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

      Greetings all;


      been wondering about shotguns, and would like to invite all interested to share any shotgun & shotgun setup tips with your fellow players, such as

      strenghts and weaknesess of particular weapons in the class, which attachment(s) to use with the particular shotty, perks, etc. etc.


      Happy gaming!

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          Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

          I haven't tried shotguns at all in this game, personally.  What I have seen most people doing is the mounted shotgun.  Which is tempting since most maps are fairly large and don't feature as much close quarters action.  That way you have the versatility to pull out the shotgun for running through rooms in Flooded, but still able to reach across the alley into the parking garage.  It would be interesting to hear what shotguns loadouts are effective though, for a class using two primary weapons as an alternative.

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              Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

              I use the pump actions, FP6 + Tac12. The best setup for range is the slug combined with  muzzle attachment (not the flash one). Haven't noticed too much difference in default range between these 2. The tac12 hold more ammo than the FP6's 5 shots.

              Slugs need accuracy, so they're harder to hip fire and hit.

              I prefer running the muzzle and grip, no secondary, no lethal or tacs so I can get as many perks in as possible.


              Perks wise I use marathon with dead silence to chase down.  Add Agility, which is great, and you can run around like a maniac. Cold-blooded is def handy to get in close, but if you prefer to get in the thick of the action it's a waste of 3 slots. I don't think steady aim makes that much difference tho. All depends on your style of play


              This is the 1st time since MW2 were I think the shotties are consistent 1HK within range, and don't need a load of patches (although I always want more range )

              The maps this yr are great too for shotguns. No matter what size there's great running routes in all of them.

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                  Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                  Tryed some FP6 and MTS-255 play today, and must admit that the weapon range + map size combo is still mighty confusing.

                  Used the slug attachment with muzzle, haven't tested the grip yet.

                  Perks: marathon, ready-up, quickdraw, steady aim(gets replaced by dead silence as soon as I unlock it), sleight of hand.


                  Really itching to try the Tac12 though, I adore the BOII's KSG. Thinking about equipping it with the slug right of the bat,

                  muzzle or grip second...


                  Thanks for the reply, mate

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                  Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                  My thoughts exactly. I'm on the look out for a sniper secondary.

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                  Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                  By the way, don't even try to shoot killstreaks with the shotgun. A Satcom takes an entire Tac12 10 shot mag to destroy lol. Same with an IMS. Ammo boxes only take 3shots, so worth a go, but you still might get shot in the back lol.

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                    Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                    Personally I like:



                    Muzzle break

                    Fore grip


                    Secondary: None


                    Lethal: None


                    Tact: Concussion



                    Quick draw, Ready up, Marathon, ICU, Focus/steady aim.


                    Also never waste bullets on a sat com, Always knife it.@

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                        Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                        Didn't think knifing worked on 'em. Tried it once and it did nothing. Mustn't have registered.


                        I've been running around with the 6-shooter MTS (muzzle, holo sight) + a pure speed class. I gotta say that gun is a lot of fun.


                        Have yet to get a 1HK with a silenced shotty tho. Tough to use in a  face2face gunfight.

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                            Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                            The Revolver shotty isn't worth it. Any of the other shotgun's will out preform it even running and gunning.


                            When you knife a sat com you have to be nearly on top of it but its a 1 hit, also doesn't give away you position.


                            The reason you have a hard time killing any thing with a silencer on your shotgun is because after 12m's no shotgun will kill anything and when you put on a silencer  you kill your range which means your super bad damage drop off gets worse. You probably are going to go from 12m to something around 8m. In turn that means with a silencer you have to be in and around 4m to 1 hit something with it instead of the 6-7m you get with muzzle.


                            Hope dat helps

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                                Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                                Not true, I find the Bulldog pales in comparison to the MTS at range. As long as I have the distance advantage, I can win against Bulldogers all day. Otherwise, my quick draw skills are needed to win but that doesn't always guarantee my coming out on top.

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                                Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                                I've had this happen a lot. Nowadays I just tactical slide knife them and I hit them 99% of the time now whereas before I would miss while standing to knife it and have to reknife it after crouching in order to actually destroy it, something that would usually get me killed.

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                              Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                              I have used the FP6 and the TAC 12 and felt there was no need to check out the other guns. these are good. one shot kill, within range.


                              I like this set up but only for maps that are really short range or where I can police a short range area.

                              FP6, muzzle brake and grip

                              no secondary


                              no equipment

                              agility, marathon, on the go, off the grid, resilience and gambler.


                              this setup is for short to medium range.

                              Vector, muzzle brake

                              handgun with silencer

                              c4 or grenade

                              sleight of hand, takedown, off the grid, overkill.

                              I would use the switch weapons faster but I would have to sacrifice something for it so I don't bother. I change weapons while I am running and prepare for the area I am running into.

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                                  Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                                  Pump actions might be the way to go here. Been stubbornly insisting on using the slug + muzzle, but i'll definitely have to try toying around with grip for a while, instead of the slug attachment.

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                                    Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                                    I honestly think grips are useless on most shotgun setups, waste of an attachment in my opinion. Even though you get reduced recoil, you're still limited to the gun's fire rate so having that reduced recoil doesn't seem to help anything. In comparison, a grip on a fully auto SMG or AR helps because your gun kicks back less so you can spray and pray while you try to get your shots on target. The only shotty I use a grip on is a slug round Bulldog because of how fast you can fire that weapon.


                                    Also, anyone else bothered by the fact that every gun can get a grip (besides snipers and MRs) regardless if the gun model can physically take one? I wish they would have made a different kind of attachment for those weapons to reduce the recoil instead of allowing you to put a grip on a gun that cannot feasibly have one attached to it.

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                                    Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                                    The pump actions, like the FP6 and the Tac 12, unfortunately don't perform so well due to their extreme low range, even with the muzzle brake attached.  From my experience, the best shotguns are the semi-autos with slugs combined with perks like ready up and stalker.  All I do is quickly ADS and rapidly fire, resulting in a guaranteed one shot kill from a farther range.  While the MTS-255 performs well, the Bulldog is extremely useful, with or without slugs.


                                    ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                                        Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                                        The MTS with slugs is quite an interesting piece of action, getting a kill with it feels especially rewarding for some reason.

                                        Haven't tried the Bulldog yet, thou.

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                                          Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                                          thebiindsniper wrote:


                                          The pump actions, like the FP6 and the Tac 12, unfortunately don't perform so well due to their extreme low range, even with the muzzle brake attached.

                                          But that's wrong, the Tac 12 and FP6 have the longest and second longest range for shotguns respectively. This is why I use slug rounds with them because you can essentially slug snipe with them, especially in Hardcore, but I can't disagree with your semi-auto with slugs concept, that is what made me start using the bulldog.

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                                          Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                                          My shotty setups:



                                          Bulldog - before this weapon was patched I refused to use it because I considered it a noob gun that was overpowered and too easy to get kills with. After the patch, I've started using it with Muzzle Brake, Slugs, and Grip so as to have a semi-auto, fire-as-fast-as-you-can-pull-the-trigger slug round mid-range shotty sniper. Perks include Ready Up, Marathon, Stalker, Dead Silence, and Extra Attachment. This class only exists on my FFA character.


                                          FP6 - I've only recently started using this shotgun (I've owned and played Ghosts since release week) and find it is an excellent run-and-gun slug shotty. Muzzle Brake and Slugs with Ready Up, Marathon, On the Go, Quickdraw, Dead Silence, and Focus.


                                          MTS-255 - my most used weapon at 3000+ kills garnered mostly in FFA, I run-and-gun the shotty with a Muzzle Brake and Holo Sight. FFA perks include Dead Silence, Amplify, Wiretap, Ping, and Marathon. When I play Team games I use Ready Up, Agility, Marathon, Quickdraw, Dead Silence, and Resilience.


                                          Tac-12 - I first started using this gun with Slugs and continue to do so even though I've found the FP6 to be better suited. I put a Muzzle Brake, Slug rounds, and sight on it (I use Red Dot and Holo).



                                          Tac-12 - I exclusively use this shotty with and without slug rounds.

                                          Muzzle Brake and Red Dot with Shuriken using Ready Up, Agility, Marathon, Stalker, and Quickdraw.

                                          Muzzle Brake, Slugs, and Holo sight with Square Tech using Ready Up, Stalker, Dead Silence, Focus, and Extra Attachment.


                                          Previously I was anti-shotguns in Call of Duty, but the AA12 in MW3 with Range and Extended Mags made me start to like shotties. My advice is if you can't get a minimal 1.5 KD with a shotgun, you should stop using shotties.

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                                            Re: Shotguns & Shotgun Setups

                                            TAC-12 - Muzzle Brake and Grip.


                                            Ready Up : Reduce the time from running to aiming by 40%. ADS accurately with the TAC-12 gives you a decent reach.

                                            Marathon/Agility or both : Speaks for itself. Gain ground, agility will help you to close distance and get within range easier.

                                            Sit-Rep : Prepare to encounter many devices in the territory that the shotgun dominates. You could use blast shield, but you increase the risk of being taken down at low health. Also for example, spot satcoms from a distance and reduce the need for Off the Grid.

                                            Dead Silence : Don't let them hear you coming and prepare. You want to close down that range asap. On the other hand you could use their awareness of your presence to your advantage as a shotgun is always a nasty surprise, if you can expose yourself at a closer range.

                                            Ping : Simply brilliant radar sweep that works wonders in CQC. Ever so slightly OP, but still be on your toes for Off the Grid users.

                                            For the rest its a juggle between ICU, Blind Eye and Amplify.  ICU helps recover quicker in between kills since you will be attracting attention to yourself, it also helps if you've been hit at range and can dive into cover. Amplify is an incredibly strong perk and will help a ton in CQC.

                                            I found steady aim a waste and actually made things worse against enemy lateral movement. Quickdraw is a waste as you already have quick ads time and Ready up provides speed since you'll be running most of the time. Off the Grid a waste since you'll be blasting away on the mini-map and simultaneous satcoms don't occur often, plus with mobility and sit-rep you're likely to find them.

                                            I don't use any equipment or secondary to gain max perks, but you might like to try flash/stuns - although this can increase awareness and make them drop and prepare to shoot.

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