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    Interested in merging your clan with a developed, sponsored PS3/4 clan? MYO is building an unstoppable team.

      Hey everyone! I'm Traveler. I'm the leader of an active PS3/4 gaming community that has been around for a while called Meet Your Owners. We are involved in several games to include CoD, BF, GTA, TLOU, and others.


      You could describe the MYO atmosphere simply as friends who game together. Our biggest requirement for recruits is activity. You all know how difficult it can be to maintain activity in a clan. MYO has excelled here because of the united-efforts of our wonderful staff members and the allegiance of our players. We stick together through thick and thin. We have around 60 members that are all active. This means that they share their ideas and post on the website at least 3 times per month.


      We have a fully interactive site that keeps members involved and updated. We host internal competitions and ladders to award members with trophies, medals, and bragging rights. We grind hard on the ops, while also spending time just having fun together goofing off. We reached level 50 on BO2 quickly, and are already in our 20s on Ghosts. We always have guys on and typically have several full lobbies daily. We have a competitive MLG team that play together often to stay relevant.


      We are reaching out to small to medium sized PS3 clans that a looking to merge with a well-developed gaming community. We offer a great leadership team that engages all members and involve them with all clan decisions. If you have, or are part of, a struggling Xbox clan you are welcome to join us. Or perhaps you already have a great clan but would like to expand your reach, you are welcome to join. Clan leaders have the potential to maintain their leadership positions if they show they have the skills. If you've worked hard to build your member list, then you deserve to stay in charge. If you want to see how well your current clan can grow, join us and you can easily discover that goal. We are not here to absorb clans simply to add to our roster. We want to create lasting partnerships and friendships so that we can establish the most successful community in Call of Duty. If you're a winner, whether in Clan Wars, LG, or in Pubs, it's time to take your team to the next level. Join us and let's steamroll our enemies.


      If interested, register on the site and mention this thread in your application. There you can check us out and ask any questions you may have. go to myoclan.com and register and I'll be happy to discuss more with you. You can also add me personally on PS3 MYO_Trav


      Thanks for reading,



      leader, Meet Your Owners (MYO)


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