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    Looking for Xbox clan

      Im looking for a Xbox clan 18 and older preferred no little kids must be mature but laid back and chill I

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          hi im looking for people to join my clan on xbox 360 message me if interested im just starting out with my clan add me on xbox EGA x ijamskin

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            Sin Givers is recruiting. We are looking for mature gamers and would prefer a kd of around 1 or higher, but that is not essential. As of right now the clan is continuing to form but the average age (of the members i know of) is 30. If you are interested shoot me a message or friend request on XBL my gamertag is Raging Pillow X

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              XBOX360 - COD GHOSTS -  Freaks n Geeks recruiting




              The clan is called Freaks n Geeks and is in very early stages but growing all the time.


              I am aiming to provide a fun friendly home for any members who are up for a laugh, dont take game too serious and play the game to enjoy it. No strict rules or time schedules to keep. Just log in and play how you want to play with like minded players


              Please feel free to message me for a invite or apply via the game or app


              XBOX360 Gamertag:- PROV007


              Look forward to gaming with you soon

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                Hi, my clan SoLow UK is recruiting, please give our recruitment page a look.

                Applying is very easy and only takes 2 minuets.



                LINK: [SoLow UK] - RECRUITING - XBOX 360 - [SoLow UK]

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                  Message me on XBL gamertag is Raging Pillow X we are looking for mature gamers. So far the average age is high 20s. Small clan right now but we are growing quickly

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                    Okay let me save you some time here bro. FootClanGaming is open for you to give us a try. We are a heavyweight clan. We have been around for four years, and very structured. you can check us out on the web at www.footclangaming.com

                    you can add me on XBL and i will be happy to answer any questions that you may have as well as introduce you to a few of our members if your interested. GT=JocephusTheWise

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                      *Top-Rated Clan* 

                      iM PROXY is recruiting for Xbox 360. We are a highly organized clan, divided up into four tiers. No matter your play style, you are welcome!


                      Just to add some information about the clan, my GT is iM T3MP, and I am the leader of iM PROXY. We are level 8 after such a short time, and have 25 active and talented members. Just throwing our name out there to anyone searching for a clan.


                      I know it may seem skeptical, with the hordes of clan recruitment pages going up, but we are IT. I have pride in the fact that we are a top notch clan, and that with some time, we will succeed. We are seeking anyone who is active, anyone that needs a clan, and honestly if you're reading this you care enough to be in it.


                      Again we are extremely organized. We provide clan details, clan events, and clan war information though our FB group. Only way to contain 100s of members!