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    PC Gamers demand patch notes!

      Treyarch releases patch notes after every patch goes live on this forum and tells us what upcoming fixes we can expect. When we bought this game we bought it on the promise that we would have post launch support. Well time to make good on your promises, IW


      I hate to sound like an entitled self centered gamer but this is important so that those of us who want a refund can get one when it becomes apparent that we will not be receiving what we were promised.


      The patch that was released was like 200MB which isn't an insignificant change. So we need to know what was fixed. We need to know things like


      Is the arbitrary 6GB limit removed?

      Is dedicated servers added, server browser added?

      Are there performance fixes?

      Are ping numbers finally added to the scoreboard?

      Is there a max ping search setting?

      Max FOV setting? (or at least an official statement regarding the FOV changer)

      Max FPS setting?

      Other bug fixes.


      I want to support you guys IW but you have to deliver a good product not just say you will!


      Regards and I hope to see many fixes and patch notes in the future!

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          Re: PC Gamers demand patch notes!

          I can't believe they didn't release any patch notes, c'mon IW. I love Ghosts but c'mon, that's a basic service to the players. I actually just tweeted to a few of the devs, but I don't expect any reply or helpful information. They have said absolutely nothing regarding the PC version and it is upsetting.


          I personally have used so many work arounds my game runs fine now but for many these workarounds don't take and we need more communication from IW. They are going to add SnD back but have said nothing about the technical issues, cm'on IW get you **** straight.

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            Re: PC Gamers demand patch notes!

            Patch changed nothing, the game is laggy and unplayable, on the official twitter they say that they are prepping fixes, wait

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              Re: PC Gamers demand patch notes!

              Same here, patch did nothing to help. Game stutters and I'm finding it hard to play because of it. My PC exceeds the high specs for running the game, tried CCC 13.9 and the latest beta driver, I have also got the game set to optimal settings even though I should be able to run it on its highest settings but so far game is far from running smooth.


              I also play Skyrim and I have that game seriously modded to the max and I can run it with ultra settings and its still runs smooth as butter. LOL, how old is Skyrim? it looks and runs so much better!


              Got to say I wish I had waited to buy this game. I got lucky when I preordered from steam because I was trying to buy the Digital Hardened Edition but Steam at the time was having problems letting us buy that version so I ended up just buying the base game. So glad I didn't get the more expensive one and held off purchasing the DLC pack or Hardened Digital Pack Upgrade .


              I do wish I could get a refund. For the price of this game and the PC spec requirements I really thought this game would be mind blowing but instead I am only disappointed. Game runs rough, lack of options like FOV and other options Blops2 has, textures are poor and the game seems more like MW2, MW3 quality. I really thought this game was going to be so much more than its turned out to be. Unless IW fixes this game very soon I guess I will stick with Blops2 for a while longer and try to sell my steam copy of Ghost. I here BF4 looks and runs better, I think its time to try them out and put the COD series to bed for good. Good luck to everyone trying to get Ghost to run properly!

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                Re: PC Gamers demand patch notes!

                The patch has fixed being able to cycle who you are spectating with the mouse buttons. I haven't figured out anything else it changed yet.

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