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      DHG(Die Hard Gamers) is now recruiting for a variety of games like COD GHOSTS, black ops 2, , and more. DHG is the second largest gaming community in the world with over 10,000 members and growing, which are spread out in Different divisons and squads. Our community is about having fun,at the same time trying to make eachother a better gamer, we try to make DHG feel more like a family rather than a community.

      We do have a Standard Code of Conduct to make sure that all DHG And DHJ members are respectful of fellow members and gamers online.We offer lots of things like GB teams,Graphics teams, tournements for prizes such as mircosoft points( which still work with xbox live), and other prizes, Lots of divisons and squads that are games specific(u still can play whatever u want if u join),and more. You must be 16 or older with a working mic to join DHG. If u are younger than 16 and still want to join, dont feel like you are left out, for people that want to join that are ages 9-15, We Offer DHG Juniors(DHJ).If you are Interested in Joining DHG or DHJ, message me on xbox..DHG EL PUNISH3R.


      No K/d requirements.

      16+ DHG.

      working mic.

      Attend practice..

      register @ dhghq.com