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    I bought "season pass" but I can't use it on PS3

      Can someone help me.

      Using my credit card, (the charge was made and verified by me), I bought two days ago the "season pass" on PSS, but I can't use it on my PS3.

      I have downloaded it to the PS3.

      I have installed it.

      Inside the game, the maps are unavailable.


      My questions are:

      is this the place to get support?  excuse me if not. can you direct me to the right place?

      what's the matter on the procedure?


      more details:

      on friday, I figured out that I needed to download from the PSS all the DLC, i did that but still not work

      i downloaded 3 times  none of those worked. I erased every data of the game and downloading again im hoping that this time works.


      thanks a lot

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